Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guys that Get Me Hard

I often find it hard to find online photos of hot older guys as most sites feature pretty boys in their 20s.  This site is full of guys of the type I like.  This guy is closer to my age and is super hot;  salt-and-pepper facial hair, lightly furred, beautiful thighs, slim hips and an amazing torso.   As well, who can resist the open-crotched pose and white short shorts with an added bonus:  a lovely visible penis line. 

Thanks again for all your support, concern and excellent advice.  Since I am not alone in the house, there will be no half-nekkid pics of me today.  Sorry about that!!

A common theme emerged from everyone's comments such as:   listen to your body, take the time to look after yourself and let others take care of you. 

  • "perfect time to rest and relax before moving forward in your new life."
  • "stop and take a breather."
  • "your body is forcing you to get the relaxation you desperately need!"
  • "the release of stress can do wonderful things for your body." 
  • "don't go be a stupid man trying to do things you can't do while you're injured"

True to form, I foolishly ignored all this advice.  I felt so much better on Friday that I prematurely cut the pain meds by 50% and did a few things around the house such as empty the dishwasher.  Big  mistake!!  By bedtime, my pain had increased significantly;  I was pretty darn uncomfortable!  

I've learned my lesson!  I'm back on the full dosage of my pain meds and promise to remain completely immobile for at least the next several days.   I am feeling somewhat better again  and but only if I remain inactive.  I won't be tempted into doing anything I shouldn't while awaiting the MRI.

The kids have been fantastic and, without complaint, have been looking after every aspect of running the household including grocery shopping, yard work, mowing the lawn, cooking, doing laundry and washing dishes. My wife and I taught all the kids these skills from a very early age.  We believe that children who are multi-skilled develop an early sense of independence and self-confidence.   I think that the kids are enjoying doing these chores even more without a parent hovering over them, offering unsolicited advice.

The kids have also been waiting on me hand and foot, cooking and serving my meals, doing my laundry, nagging me if I get up off the couch, and yes, even emptying my pee can.*   Too much information, I know!

* Once time in Louisiana, we ordered pecan pie.   The waiter, a flamboyant young man said, "Daahhlings! ... a PEE-can is something you keep under the bed.... we pronounce it puh-CAHN'.  (stress on last syllable)


  1. Yeap! Those are my kinda guys too! WOOF!
    Happy to see that you're doing better in spite of all. May I say again how great your kids are!
    My prayers are still with you!

  2. Thanks for the blog site - that's my kinda men ummmm!

    Happy to hear ur kids are picking up the slack for you - it must make you feel proud! Get well soon!

  3. anne marie in phillyMay 29, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    OMFG, do you KNOW how much I LERVE HAIRY GUYS?!? I MUST check out that website! even str8 girls need some woofy men to fulfill their needs!

    and here in philly, it's pronounced PEE-can. my fave nut, actually... ;-b

  4. Having grown up in the Midwest, I agree that it's pe-CAHN. PEE-can just sounds funny.

    1. I agree, but I'm from California where they do grew these trees, along with Almonds, and walnuts

  5. I really like that guy in the first pic. Usually tats are a big turn-off for me, but that guy's colorful tats, especially the starburst on his tummy, really turn me on. Thanks for the link.

  6. Thanks for commenting, everyone! I think PEE-can is the only correct pronunciation; pe-CAHN sounds prissy!

    Yes, we are very proud of the kids. The kids. on their own initiative, have proposed a major change to the family living arrangements. My wife and I are discussing it seriously. More on this in a few weeks.

    I don't usually like tats, but this guy is so ultra-sexy... and his tats look great too!

  7. I suggest exercising care regarding the web sites you visit. Youo might see something that, under normal circumstances, would joyfully startle you, but might hurt you presently if you jerked your neck in amazement.

  8. Nowadays these fellow types don't inspire lust so much as envy - I want a flat stomach!

  9. B-is for behaving while you are recouperating
    u-is for not undoing the progress you have made
    d-is for "Darn, I can't get out of bed yet"
    d-is for "Darn, I can't get out of bed yet"
    y-is for the year of wonder and excitement that
    lies ahead, if your take care of yourself

    B-is for the bazillion hot guys heading your way
    e-is for everything you desire coming true
    a-is for achieving all of your goals
    r-is for rest, relaxation, and recharging your

    Can I get an "Amen?"

  10. Amen, sister!!

    Wow, I think that's the most special comment I've ever received on this blog! I'm very touched at the effort and sentiment you put into that! Thank you!

    "For not undoing the progress you have made.".... hmmm are you hiding under my bed or something? My daughter and mother are also relentless in nagging me. They feel I'm too impatient and will try to do too much before I've healed.

  11. I just discovered your blog. I'm in my late 40s, openly gay, but never married. We share similar interests and tastes. I look forward to your updates. Good Luck on your journey. Remember, the hardest part is over. You came out. Thankfully, you discovered that your family still loves you. Life will still be hard, but you taught your kids the most valuable true to yourself and to others! Peace!

  12. mmm... I love pecan pie. See how easily food distracts me? Feel better buddy.


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