Friday, May 27, 2011


I would like to thank everyone for their support, advice and best wishes.  You have all been amazing! 

I debated a bit before posting about this injury.  In my real life, I rarely talk about my medical problems except with closest family and friends.  Also, this blog was meant to be anonymous and it just seemed like such a personal thing to be posting online for the world to see.

I felt I had to post about this if only to continue an honest story of my journey.  It would have been pretty fake to continue posting as though everything in my life was completely normal, when it clearly it isn't.

I'm having another great day doing nothing but lying on the couch with my dogs, napping, eating, watching DVDs and surfing online.  My work colleagues have been fantastic!  A colleague has stepped in to do a portion of my job as my job is too complex for the "temp" to do completely. 

I am feeling incrementally better as time passes.  My use of pain meds is much reduced and the anti-infammatory drugs are doing their job.  The underlying cause, the degradation of my neck vertebrae, is a problem which will not be easily solved.   I'm fairly sure that the MRI (in a few days) will show that I won't be needing surgery right now.  However, I do have grave concerns about the future state of my neck.  What will my neck be like when I'm 60?  When I'm 80?  What will my options be?  I'll cross that bridge when I come to it and will certainly seek the most expert advice before proceeding.

I am to spend another week or so on bedrest.  I just need to be very careful not to do anything which will aggravate my neck and set back my recovery.   

The best thing about an incident like this is that it forces you to worry less about the things you might normally worry about, such as my separation, coming out and future financial problems.  Your health is the only thing that really matters;  everything else is relatively unimportant and generally will work itself out.

Just to prove to everyone that I'm feeling better, here's a half-nekkid pic of myself taken moments ago. Thanks again for all your best wishes!


  1. I think you're on the right state of mind when you say that this incident forces you to worry less about other things. I mean, so much has happened to you in the past months. It's so incredible!
    We're always upset when life is putting up a big "STOP" sign on our path. Maybe, and I'm just saying MAYBE, this is exactly the perfect time to rest and relax before moving forward in your new life.
    There are a lot of people sending you positive energy. Close your eyes and try to fill your body and soul with all that energy. I'm sure it will do you much good!
    My prayers are with you.

  2. Just to piggyback onto what DeepBlue said, I think our bodies tell us when it's time to stop and take a breather. Those persistent injuries seem to nag at us forever. Take it easy, and hopefully you'll not need surgery. And, if you do, then so be it. It will get better, either way.

    BTW, nice body.

  3. I can't seem to hear what your body is saying...I may need to get closer *snicker* It SOUNDS like you're in better spirits and that's crucial to recovery. It also sounds like your body is forcing you to get the relaxation you desperately need! Keep getting better, keep us posted and don't over do it.

  4. anne marie in phillyMay 27, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    OMFG...such hotness at the top there...I might have to lie down or faint dead away! I would so like to run my fingers through that furry forest...but I respect the fact that you are not feeling well.

    sending karma and good vibrations your way for more healing! and smooches too!

  5. As Martha would say, "Opiate narcotics and anti-inflammitories are good thing."

  6. 'zat you? I love me some ginger. Ahem. You'll start to look at the neck thing holistically; nutrition, acupuncture, specific exercise, yoga, etc. can, I believe (emph can) effect whole body changes and body/mind changes too. I don't know who's the guy talking right now, but he might have a point!

  7. Honesty can be theraputic and it strikes me that you're a very direct and honest person - some traits that are hard to come by!
    It took alot to blog about something so personal - trust me it's not something I can easily do - I'm very introverted and private for most part! But with so many events concurrently happening it's hard to do a balancing act - and that's where blogging can be therapeutic - keep us updated my friend!

  8. oh dear
    Again I go away for a few days and all heck breaks loose.
    I am glad though to hear things are mending - I will now go back and read what happened !

  9. So, when you feel COMPLETELY recovered we can expect to see a FULLY naked pic? Please give us warning so that we can have a pail of cold water by us. Meanwhile we look forward to that day - as you are, doubtlessly even moreso. And btw, when you do reach 60 I can assure you that you'll count surviving each day as a bonus for which to be thankful. So, please enjoy your 'youth' while you've got it!

  10. I am happy to hear that the meds are alleviating the immediate crisis and that you are keeping your head about you (there's probably a sick vertebrae joke in there somewhere). This is all consistent with your blog title -- One Step at a Time.

    PS I volunteer if your MD recommends a Snuggle Buddy.

  11. Okay, I'll ask the question everyone else is avoiding: what in the hell were you watching on TV and why wasn't it gay porn???

  12. Thanks, everyone, for all your concern, advice and best wishes!

    RG: In addition to the narcotics and anti-inflammatories, I am having an intense craving for some rum. Luckily there is none in the house because that would be a really bad idea.

    Will: a Snuggle Buddy would be great!

    Cubby: That's Cameron Diaz... some terrible movie my kids put on to for me to watch. Watching gay porn wouldn't be a good idea because when this pic was taken, my pain was still pretty bad. I wouldn't have been able to reach around to ....ummm... take matters into my own hands.

  13. I hope that they will be able to do something that will put a stop to the pain (other than shooting you LOL). Get well.


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