Monday, May 2, 2011

Large Tony Revealed!

Here in the Great White North, it is a dreary, cold morning;  lightly snowing and several degrees below freezing. In May!!!!  Luckily,  something arrived in my inbox that brightened my day.

A dear online friend  (I'm not sure he wants me to use his name) pointed out that Large Tony who writes the blog West of Mayberry really does earn his nickname handsomely.   I posted about Tony previously.

For those who wondered what he would look like without the AussieBums,
luckily for us, Tony is a bit of an online exhibitionist. Check out Tony's very NSFW tumblr site .

Apart from his magnificent cock which appears in nearly two dozen pictures,  he is a fantastic physical specimen in other ways too..... slim hips, flat abs,
nicely muscled arms and thighs and lightly furred. A must see:  Tony shows us all the proper way to wear a kilt.   Fantastic!

Next step for Tony: wouldn't he look breath-taking, wet, in this pair Aussiebum swim briefs in white or ice blue?


  1. Holy shit! How do you find this stuff?

  2. I follow his blog since a long time. I got a crush on him.

  3. Those pictures used to be available only to guys who signed up as members to his original blog. Tony is such a great looking guy; I always wish he's smile more because he has a very warm smile in the rare pictures in which he uses it. Heaven knows I'd smile if I looked like -- and was hung like -- that man!

  4. I hate guys who boast about being hung.

  5. anne marie in phillyMay 2, 2011 at 4:20 PM

    great holy mother of pearl! I think I need a cold shower after checking out all that hotness! I imagined myself sitting on that manmeat...WHOA NELLY! ;-)

  6. *swooning*

    I've always said that there are 2 types of gay men: size queens and liars!

  7. Cubby: an online friend tipped me off. He found the link on Aussielicous, which is a fantastic blog written by a 37 year-old Aussie hottie in Sydney.

    Everyone else: thanks for commenting! Who wouldn't want to look like that? Although I know nothing about gay sex, is there such a thing as being too big? I would think that an average-sized cock would be much better to have in your mouth or up your ass.

  8. Oh lawdy! What a lucky chap!

  9. Yes, Tony is a sweetheart.

  10. Tony is yummy, and I'd deep throat/sit down on that fat fucker in a heartbeat.

    Yes, there is such a thing as "too big" - trust me I know. However, Tony's member is not THAT dick. LOL


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