Sunday, February 27, 2011

Large Tony in Aussiebums

This is a departure from my usual "gay" posts about me, me, me, but I could not resist.

I came across a stunning picture of an incredibly sexy young man who writes West of Mayberry from East Tennessee.  In addition to being sexy, Tony is an incredibly talented, heartfelt, passionate, intelligent, witty and perceptive writer with a very large following of devoted blog readers.

He was sent a free pair of Aussiebums on the condition that he post a picture of himself in them.  If I were a gay southern Baptist guy, I would have exclaimed, "Praise the Lord!!".... but I'm not.

I think everyone would agree, no one fills out a pair of Aussiebums better than Tony.    He proves that the story about how he got his nickname, Large Tony is most certainly true.  And the rest of him looks pretty drool-worthy, as well.  Here's the link to his picture:

I think Tony looks better in his Aussiebums than the model in the promotional video, don't you? What about it, kind folks at Aussiebum?  Wouldn't you want an online picture of me modelling my free pair of Aussiebums?


  1. We're all familiar with Large Tony - he's been around for awhile. Very drool-worthy, but terminally attached to "The Lawyer". Sigh...

  2. RG, I'm sure that's true.... but we can still look, can't we?

    What I like about Tony is that he's a "natural man" (as far as I know), not waxed, photoshopped and oiled, and has muscles not plumped up with steroids. A little more chest fur would be nice, but one can't have everything!

  3. I am getting obsessed with trying to get a flat stomach; when I see a man like this he now evokes envy, not lust !

  4. Large Tony is great, but I'm partial to the model.


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