Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grocery store DILF, continued

Not the DILF, just a random pic from the internet.
Of all of the gay/bi-married-closeted guys, I think that the younger, closeted DILFs with very young children face the toughest situation of all.

Over a period of many months, the hottie grocery store DILF (described in a previous post) and I would "notice" each other at many neighbourhood events, culminating with his really obvious grocery store checkout of me. The difference this time, I think, was that he knew that I knew.

A few weeks later, I was at our neighbourhood elementary school attending our childrens' talent show.... "talent" used here in the loosest sense of the word.  The grocery store hottie sat down beside me with one empty seat between us:  there were no other seats available.

To digress, hottie DILF was just beautiful;  very slim with a flat stomach, blue eyes, short blonde hair and looking like a more handsome version of Bradley Cooper.   He had the slimmest of hips leading to lovely muscular thighs filling his tight, low-rise jeans deliciously.  The jeans accentuated a beautiful bulge. He looked far better that the open-crotched guy in the picture above.

He slouched with his legs outstretched.  His knees spread wide, hottie DILF sat with an open-crotch pose which suggested that he needed more ball room than his tight pants would allow.  He was good to his jeans;  very good.      Do I sound obsessed?  I certainly hope not...and I don't think I was.  He really was the most stunning man.  The fact that he had noticed me made it an an irresistible combination!

This time his behaviour was quite different.  Although he knew I was sitting there, this time, he refused to meet my eye...... he just stared stonily forwards;  his facial muscles working as he clenched his jaw shut.  Here's my interpretation of the situation:  I could be wrong, but clearly, he'd had enough.  Our mutual checking-out of each other had gone too far.  It was too much of a risk to him.  He was angry and maybe even afraid.

For a closeted, married DILF with young children, there are a few options, none of them easy and all of them potentially leading to disaster, heartbreak and a destruction of the family.

NOTE:  The discussion of these options and my experiences with them will be big topic, so I will make them the subject of my next post in a few days.


  1. It also could have been, "Not in front of all these people."

    I'll wait until you list the options before I give my opinions, which you can probably guess before I tell you.

  2. Adam: I had to google that to find out what it meant!! Yes, it will take a long time before I work through all this but eventually, I'll get there.

    Naturgesetz: You may be right on that. I keep telling myself (and I may even believe it) that I would never hook up with a closeted neighbour with young children.

  3. Next time, just say hello - talk about your kids. Jeesh - it's not that hard, or it will be if you say hello.

  4. RG: Thank you for the suggestions! Yes, I could do all those things. No matter how horny I am, it would be way too complicated to pursue anything with a closeted neighbour, no matter how beautiful he is! It might even be easy...in fact, one of my kids hangs out with one of his kids, but they are not "best friends."

    When the time comes, I know I will be able to do those things you suggest. I am extremely self-confident and can be quite direct. When I'm in the right mood, when I am "on", I can be extremely sexy. At least that was my experience with women and I am really certain that I will be the same when pursuing men, but only when I'm ready. Sheesh! I only decided I was gay less than a month ago! You can't imagine how much drama there is in my life right now!!!

  5. Good Luck there Buddy Bear. And RG has a great tactic, just be simple and present, I'm sure a friendship would be great too.

  6. I admit it is a vicarious thrill for me hearing about your 'green' stage; it reminds me of my youth. Ah, to be 'young' again and coming out as you are

  7. Ur-Spo: Wow! I never thought of it like that! Thank you for putting things into a different, very positive perspective. Yes, the prospect of me embarking on an unfamiliar gay sex life is very exciting and a bit terrifying.


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