Friday, March 4, 2011

My favourite posts from my favourite bloggers

Sexy bear pic from
Things continue to calm down here.  Without revealing the details right now, we've had a couple of conversations this week remarkable for their civility and soul-baring honesty.  Despite the anger which remains, another small step forward ---------------------------------------------------------

Over the past several months, each of the bloggers listed below has treated me with incredible kindness and concern.  Through comments on my blog and private e-mails, each has offered support, compassion, many compliments and much experienced, excellent advice.

Many have expressed concern for me or offered a gentle warning, fearing I may be heading down a wrong path.  Several others have been very proactive and have taken the initiative to search for LGBT opportunities and resources in my community and to advise me to partake of them.

You've enriched my life and made my difficult journey less solitary, more informed and infinitely easier.  Thank you!  I will be forever in your debt.

By way of their blogs, each of  these guys has brightened my day, made me laugh or made me think.  I've  selected some of my favourite past posts.

  1. Sean  modelling the Spo-Shirt.  While I loved all his Spo-shirt pictures, it was this picture which caused a stirring in my nether regions:     That sweet smile!  Those manly legs!  Calves to die for!  The best part is Sean's thigh, coyly drawn forward to conceal his manly- bits.
  2. Jim's Spo-shirt shower (at the bottom of the post):   a funny, sexy, man with a hot, muscular body, great smile and great rhythm.  An irrisistible combination!   Here is his even sexier half-nekkid shower dance video clip from 2009.  
  3. Sean's naked crochet post.  A sweet man, a sweet voice, a crochet project and nudity: the incongruity is just irresistibe!
  4. From Blobby's Blog,  Blobby's  and Denton's wedding photo:   A beautiful, inspirational photo of two handsome men in love.
  5. Cubby's post "Do Straight Men Exist?":  an interesting post on the spectrum of sexuality which generated many interesting comments.  This was of particular interest me as a formerly "straight" guy on his evolution through bi-curious to gay.
  6. The married dad (is it rude for me to call him a DILF?) writing New Day,  New Life is empathetic, self-reflective, intelligent, very funny, horny and deeply concerned the effect his coming out will have on his wife and children.  As well, he is sexy as hell , as this post shows. 
  7. RG of Duce Y Pelligroso is the master of sexy, irrepressible comments on other blogs and his own.  Some may be surprised at the depth of his compassion when, as an experienced gay guy, he takes the time to offer guidance and advice to this newbie.  His post "Bloggers With Which I Would Engage in Sex" is classic RG.
  8. Dr. Spo is the grandaddy of bloggers:  intelligent, charming, witty and thoughtful.  His multi-post "Guide to Tea" lessons is typical of his quest to educate and entertain his readers.
  9. The author of Is There a Way Out for a SoCal Guy? is a mid-40s married father who is gradually making his way out of the closet.  His integrity, thoughtfulness and compassion for his wife are exemplary.  This post is a typical example of his intelligence and self-reflection.


  1. I had a sex dream last night about one of the bloggers you mentioned above, but I'm not telling which.

  2. I'll bet it was that Dr. Spo with his shirtless pic he posted the other day. Fess up!! That shameless tease! That vixen!!!

  3. Nope, not Spo, although I do have plenty of waking fantasies about him. In my dream the unnamed blogger and I were sitting around talking when he said, "Can I give you some head?" I said sure, and the dream continued on from there...

  4. I have a sex dream every night about all my blogger buddies. I'm just saying.

    It's always an honor and an ego boost to get a shout out from a fellow blogger, especially one I like so much. And if you keep complimenting me like that, I may just have to take a trip and help push you to the next level of exploring your newfound homosexuality. *wink wink nudge nudge lick lick*

  5. Breenlantern - you have a sex dream every night, because half of the gay blogging community is sending you pictures of themselves in their underwear... 8-)

    BuddyBear - another great choice of picture. I can't help looking at that blokes' thigh and thinking, jeez I'd like that round my neck ;-)
    And the man fire his beard and my beard could make...

  6. Thanks Buddy for thinking I'm sexy. As probably the only non-bear/cub on that list (not sure about SC Guy but I'm sure he's got some hair on his chest), I am even more honored.

    BTW, the correct spelling is 'favorite' - just kidding, of course.

  7. Why thank you! It has been great getting to know you! I hope the friendship continues on for years to come.

  8. I'm a recent Spo convert but he is my favorite blogger. You have good taste.

  9. Screw the tea, I need the shirt back ASAP - I didn't know it had such magical powers to induce and draw men to it !!!!

  10. Cubby: Regardless of who was the subject of your dream, they are all extremely "do-able." How's a horny boy like you to choose? A future blog post? (names removed, of course)

    Sean: ;>)

    Adam: Yes, his thighs are breathtaking! It's from written by a sexy Torontonian.

    Middle Man: When a guy is as super-sexy as you, who cares what label he chooses? Maybe you're an otter?

    Jim, Ron, RG: You're welcome!!

    Urspo: But just think, when you get the shirt back, you can fantasize about .. er ..drool over... er... imagine all the places its been.


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