Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TV Meme

Recently, I've been alternating between "serious" posts about my gay drama (right at this second, everything is  drama-free and fairly happy) and "sexy" posts, about my lecherous behaviour, ogling hot guys. This post involves neither category.  (oh, all right ... there is a <i>bit</> of ogling in here as well!!)  this post   This a trip down memory lane, courtesy of Cubby at Patently Queer.  Thanks, Cubby was fun!

I've never been much of a TV watcher. Never having lived in a house with cable or satellite TV,  there were usually only 2 or 3 channels from which to choose.  As a kid, I spent most of my time reading books or (with my brothers, cousins and friends) doing outdoor sports and doing things in the wilderness.  In fact, I didn't even own a TV when I first lived on my own from the age of 22 to 28. 

Back in the Day — 5 TV Shows You Loved As A Kid
All in the Family
Magnum P.I.
The Nature of Things  (featuring nature documentaries on the CBC)
M.A.S.H.     - but not the last few years of the series

That’s Hot — 5 TV Characters You Would Do
Thomas Magnum (Magnum P.I.) 
Benjamin Franklin ("Hawkeye") Pierce (M.A.S.H.) 
Bo and  Luke (Dukes of Hazzard)  .....but both at the same time
Gary Sandy (WKPR in Cincinatti)  

5 TV Theme Songs You Know (and Love) By Heart
Mary Tyler Moore Show
All in the Family
Happy Days
WKPR in Cincinatti

Meh — 5 “Hit” Shows You Never Could Get Into
Home Improvement

The Starting Line-Up — 5 Channels You Go To First When You Sit Down to Watch TV
CBC - Canadian Broadcorping Castration Broadcasting Corporation
CTV - Canadian Television Network

(I've never lived in a house with cable or satellite -- our "rabbit ears" TV only gets two channels)

“That’s What She Said” — 5 Quotes That Still Resonate
Blanche: Well I haven't known any personally but ain't Danny Thomas one?
Dorothy: Not Lebanese, Blanche. Lesbian. .........Golden Girls

Archie Bunker:  "The sexual act was never constipated." ..... All in the Family

Colonel Potter:   I've got a soft spot for Klinger. He looks a little like my son, and he dresses a lot like my wife.........M.A.S.H.

George and Elaine:  "Like when a man goes swimming... Afterwards..."
"It shrinks?"
"Like a frightened turtle."
"It just does! There is no why!!!"   ............ Seinfeld

Maude Findlay:  Holding up her high school cheerleading sweater, which has an "M" on the front- I can remember when the "M" covered my whole chest.
Walter Findlay: Now, you have enough room to spell out "MASSECHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY".
Maude Findlay: God'll get you for that, Walter................Maude

“Gimme More” — 5 Shows You Can Never Get Enough Of  (I wouldn't go so far as to say "never get enough of", but I would watch these, if I happened to turn on the TV and they were on)

Amazing Race
Brothers and Sisters
The Nature of Things  (featuring nature documentaries on the CBC)


  1. Excellent! that was fun. I had forgotten about Gary Sandy of WKRP. WUFF!

  2. Great meme Buddy. I really like Bo Duke too. I had many thoughts of riding around in the General Lee with him, hiding from the police behind some bushes in total silence, hearing only his breath and feeling his body heat... oh man!


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