Monday, March 21, 2011

More on Spandex Skinsuits

While all my "gay drama"  is going on, the millions of us in the Sandwich Generation  face many other challenges:  demanding jobs, the running of households, responsibilities involving  aging parents and most importantly, raising teenagers. 

One of our  kids is a bit of a concern: a few school issues, occasional rudeness  and  (at  times) sullen behaviour.   We've seen this  typical teenage behaviour before,  in fact, and hope it is  not too related to our present situation.   

Since the kids spend time in each household (which is fair), a unified response between the two parents is needed.   I honestly think that we will be able to deal with parenting issues together very effectively.  Despite the  best parental responses, however, raising teenagers in our society will always be a challenge!

These concerns are weighing me down a bit.  If I'm alone, issues seem worse as I tend to brood.  The uncertainty of the outcome for all of us is always at the back of my mind.  I'm rarely sad or worried, but if I am to write this blog honestly, I have to share these negative feelings along with the positive.   

So, here is a post that is entirely "fluff"  to cheer me up.

I feel like such a perve about the recent post about Spandex athletes, when my son and I competed in the Caribou Cross Country Ski Marathon in BC.  I want everyone to better understand what was like to have competed in a race with spandex-clad, sexy, elite athletes.

Let's examine again the guy in the orange skinsuit to the right.  He was a participant in my local race; there were many guys there just like him or even hotter.

Allow your eyes move up the curve of his well-muscled thigh; notice how the thigh muscle dips in at the top and then curves out again to form the perfectly tight, rounded buttock.  Then, imagine hundreds of hot spandex athletes like him an arm's length away, some of them even brushing your shoulder, panting and sweaty, grunting with exertion.

The irony is, none of these guys would be caught dead in a Speedo;  it would be socially unacceptable for the 18 - 35 year old guys.  Yet every one of them is willing, even eager, to put on a clingy  Spandex skinsuit which is every bit as revealing.  Skinsuits are almost sexier than if the guy had been stark naked.  I don't understand why these straight guys are so eager to dress like this!

Their appearance is only part of the equation.  The technique for skate-skiing requires an "open crotch" pose with the skis forming a "V" to the front.  Then imagine, as the hottie skies past you, those muscular thighs pumping, the tight spandex-clad buttock  thrusting forward, with the groin pumping with matching thrusts ....thrusting, thrusting, thrusting.    Gosh, what's a gay virgin to do?    I'll need to excuse myself now....


  1. I think you better carry a wad of Kleenex with you at all times, because some day you are going to see something that is going to make you cream your jeans on the spot. LOL

  2. Commenting on the previous post and this one, it seems that things in general are going in a good direction. Yay!

    If — and that's a very big if — your son's behavior is related to your and your wife's current situation, it should improve as your relationship with each other improves. Things like his behavior usually take time to build up and time to resolve. Maybe a little talk is in order, but I agree with you that whatever you do or don't do should be agreed upon between you and your wife.

  3. You crack me up! Yes, parenting is important and you seem to handling it very well. I have no experience there.

    But I'm enjoying your perving. Is that a word? :)

  4. Cubby: Great advice! I'll have to follow it not only for my next ski race, but for my first, future meeting with you.

    Naturgesetz: excellent observations based on intelligence and experience! Thank you; I'm sure you are right.

    WCS: Thanks for reading my blog!! "Perving" appears in slang dictionaries but not regular ones.

  5. ah 'youth'
    it is jolly good fun watching you 'hatch' as it were.

  6. Man, you really are a slut in waiting aren't you? LOL

  7. Oh, all right, I'll admit it!!!... I just hope I don't need to wait too long.


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