Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spo-Shirt + Jockstrap in Shower

Me and my growing "Buddha Belly."

I've had a fantastic week wearing the Spo-shirt on its first Canadian stop, but sadly, I have to send it off to the next recipient tomorrow morning.  As Cubby said to me, "It is a magical shirt... it has a way of making everyone who touches it very happy.  Can you feel it?"  Cubby, I agree!

It was fantastic to be a part of it and it will break my heart to part with such a beautiful shirt. In about a week, I will post a complete set of Spo-shirt pics, but here is a teaser pic of me wearing it.
  1. I urge every closeted, married guy to read yesterdays joyful, triumphant post from Is there a Way Out for a SoCal Guy?   He fully came out to his wife a week ago;  it is turning out to be a positive, empowering experience and a major turning point in his life.  While his isn't the path I hope to take, I am very happy for him.   Read his whole story, if you aren't familiar with it.
  2. I'm taking up Sean's challenge to post a silly, fun video of myself.  Would anyone object to a (partial) Spo-shirt strip tease?


  1. Love the pic! how could anyone object to a spo-shirt striptease

  2. Thanks for that link to the SoCal blog - it's of interest to a friend of mine who's in a similar situation!
    BTW - awesome pic!

  3. Spo-shirt strip tease? Yes please!

  4. Thanks, guys! I rarely think this about myself, but boy, I look darn sexy in that jockstrap shower pic!

    Yes, the Spo-shirt striptease video is done. Embarassing!! It's just painful for me to watch it, but someone might like it. I'll have to think about posting it in a couple of days.

  5. Thank you Buddy Bear for being part of this. Please send me an email as to what charity towards which I am to contribute (in your honor).

  6. Well now, THAT is a different picture of the Spo shirt. I can hardly believe I wore the same shirt.

  7. Well it certainly will be a clean Spo Shirt. LOL ANd yes, do the video.

  8. that's a damn hot pic..and a striptease sounds even better..looking forward to it Buddy Bear

  9. I should have thought about doing a jock shot like that. It never occurred to me. But you look great in it!

  10. Holy Jeebus! That's the HOTTEST thing I ever saw!! And the shirt looks nice too.

    Yes, do the video. Uh oh, I'm starting to leak...

  11. Thanks, guys, for the kind comments! ***blush***


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