Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spo-Shirt Strip Tease

A blogger friend commented to me, “You are very comfortable in front of the camera for a guy who’s fresh out of the gay womb.” While I was raised to be very comfortable with nudity, this budding exhibitionism is a very recent development and is an important part of my gay journey.

The discovery that I could be regarded as attractive by anyone was a shocking revelation to me. I was a mid-40ish, furry, thickening-around-the middle dad who hadn’t had sex with anyone (or indeed, felt sexually desirable) in a very, very long time. For me, having an appreciative audience makes me feel incredibly sexy and worthy of someone’s attention. Only when I admitted to myself that I was gay that it suddenly became okay to accept, and even to seek, compliments from guys.

This amazing journey all started with my first little Undie Monday submission and Sean’s shocking (to me) response, “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!”   Recently, Sean challenged his blogger friends to post a video of themselves doing something silly or outrageous. If you haven’t already seen these, please check out:

  1. Sean singing You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man.   Eat your heart out, Loretta!!
  2. Jim lip-synching Trouty Mouth.  What a hoot!

Since I want my blog to be faceless, at least for now, my big problem was what to do for this challenge.  At play were childhood memories of "I'll do it if you do it." and "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine."

So, to continue down my exhibitionist path, here are some stripper-wanna videos of me. (I’d love to do this for real, by the way, on stage, with proper lighting and music, in front of an appreciative audience of bears and perhaps as part of a duo.. hmmm... and maybe some massage oil)  I shot two videos, but couldn’t decide which made me cringe the least I like better, so I posted both. I have very mixed feelings about posting these, but one must be brave!    I doubt I will be leaving them up indefinitely, but in support of Sean's challenge they are!! 

Stripper wannabee #1: White shirt strip with jockstrap. As part of my gay evolution, I now think that jockstraps are the sexiest thing that a guy can wear.

Stripper wannabe #2: Spo-shirt strip with white bikini briefs. I found the filming of this one increasingly .... er... exciting as I went along.


  1. I can't decide which I Like you in more, the Jock or the Bikinis! I think the Jock wins overall though. DAMN MAN you are one hot daddy ;)

  2. the spo-shirt and the jock combo next, please.

    damn, you are HAWT!

  3. Kevin: Thanks! I prefer the jockstrap. It's very comfortable to wear under jeans or dress pants and I feel sexy all day long.

    anne marie: Thank you! Your first comment here!! Sadly, it broke my heart to send the Spo-shirt to its next lucky recipient. There are several expert seamstresses in my family, so maybe I'll look for some really cool fabric for my own shirt.

  4. HAWT!!

    I like them both!

    But a private showing would be better! ;-)

  5. I think I'm more a fan of the undies dance. But I'm a little weird like that.

  6. There must have been some magic in that
    Old Spo-shirt they found.
    For when they placed it on his "head"
    He began to dance around.

  7. LOL @ Ur-spo! Great videos. I have nowhere near that kind of self-confidence. You guys (you, sean, jim) are awesome!

  8. jesus fucking christ..that was hot. thanks for the morning woody it gave me :)

  9. Jim: I'm sure that could be arranged one day. ;>)

    Erik: I like the undies too, very much! I don't like the look as much of my own bare lard-arse in a jockstrap, although I love it on a guy with a hot bubble-butt.

    Ur-Spo: Funny! Very clever!! I initially thought those lyrics were "Rolling Stones" but Google says "Frosty the Snowman!"

    WCS: The most important factor is having an appreciative audience like you guys (and a few girls). Thank you! I've reached the age were I've had decades of experiences, tragedies, illnesses (cancer survivor) and countess good times. I invariably think in these situations, "What the F*ck!!! Just go for it!!" Life's too short!!

    Nick: Thanks for that great compliment!... especially coming from a guy half my age. Wow!! By the way, I love your blog!

  10. AT the risk of repeating myself: "WOOOOOOOOOOF!"

    Way to out-sexy and out-shine us(easy to do with me but Jim's another story...I mean, have you SEEN that guy? Grrr.) Seriously, you are fantastic and fun and furry and flirty and fierce and everything I love in a please invite me to visit you...I have a few new moves to teach you but it's going to require both of us.

    Really sexy and sweet, BB! You've done me proud. Now just do me :-)


  11. What a nice way to start my day! I also vote for the shirt (I'm another one of the wearers) and the jock combination.

  12. Thank you everyone! At the risk of sounding like Sally Field, "You like me, you realy must like me!"", I must say that I am surprised at the responses.

    My videos don't seem to me to be the slightest bit sensual or sexy. That might be a good thing; it would be the height of weirdness to want to wank off to your own pic or video. I have more to say on this topic but I will address it in my next post.

    1. I didn't "outshine" you and Jim. Your contributions were sweet, funny and totally irresistible.
    2. You're making me blush with all those compliments. Thank you! I never thought of myself as fierce!!
    3. I know we will meet in person one day; I guarantee it.
    4. Regarding hottie Jim, "...have you SEEN that guy?" Do you mean what I think you mean? Yes, Jim takes my breath away!!

  13. The sexiest part was in the first video... from seconds 20 through 50... the jeans look so hot barefoot... with the white shirt... and your hairy chest and abs look amazing. I'm one of those rare people that like foreplay... and sometimes it's sexiest to me when things are revealed slowly, much like a present... the anticipation of what's inside is often more tantalizing than what's actually inside... not that your 'package' wasn't worth unwrapping. YUM!

  14. I almost missed this...haven't watched such a sexy striptease since a long time. Had to rub my Kielbasa (ha ha D@vid) thanks for sharing, hoping for more vids

  15. Will: thank you!

    D@vid: Wow! What an analytical and thoughtful comment! I'll have to take a second look at that first vid. I thought it progressed too slowly, but I guess I was wrong! Getting such a great compliment from such a sweet, sexy gosh!... it's overwhelming!

    Adam: you are a sweet, sexy guy! I'm glad you liked them; I might do it again one day.

  16. How exciting for you to be able to chronicle your thoughts as you go through this part of your life. I came out at 28 and wish I had a blog at that point to write down my thoughts, fears, etc...

    For your next foray into stripping, I'd like to request more current music... I'd suggest "Ice Cream Truck" from Cazwell or if you want to go old school how about "Justify my Love" by Madonna? Just teasing you...


  17. BosGuy: It is cool to have this record! When I look back previous posts, I'm amazed at how far my family has come in a couple of months.

    I don't listen to new music: don't we all favour the music of our youth? "Do ya think I'm sexy..." came out when I was 16. My other choice might have been, "It's Raining Men...."

  18. This boy's got talent! VERY nice!

  19. Rich: That's highly debatable, but thank you!

  20. Rich: that's debatable, but thank you!


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