Friday, February 4, 2011

Sexy runners' legs

Nothing new to report.  Our phone conversations have been businesslike, if quite cool, centred around parenting issues.  The parenting must continue, even if we live in separate households.  Still, a big improvement from the past weeks.... but the more difficult conversations will have to wait for quite a while yet.
I've just started training for a marathon in October 2011, it may be this one or this one.-- for me, a minimum of seven months is needed for me to finish in a good time and in a good condition.  It is an excellent project for me, fitness-wise.  And, let's face it, I most likely will have the time needed to devote to training properly.  I need the motivating goal of a really big race to put in that amount of training.  

The only 'wild card' in the thing is whether or not my middle-aged knees, hips or ankles can hold up.....I've completed four full marathons in the past 10 years, starting at the age of 35.   Before this, I never ran at all and could only run about 100 yards at a time.  In fact, the first race I ever competed in was a full marathon.  I quickly discovered that I was a fairly good runner, if a bit slow, and really enjoyed it.  I usually finish a full marathon in about 4.0 - 5.0 hours, around the median finisher time for the races I've been in.

Normally during marathons, I end up running with the lumpy, middle-aged crowd far back in the pack. (ie:  people like myself)  Several months ago, some work colleagues and I participated in a charity relay race.  As the race was done on a track, we continuously ran alongside the younger, elite runners. 

I passed the hours by focusing on the endless stream of sexy, muscular legs and hot asses in skimpy shorts every where you looked. Mesmerizing!  Absolutely stunning!!   As a runner in the race, however, you normally don't get a very good view of the jiggling frontage of your fellow runners. Since this was a relay, there was plenty of time to sit on the sidelines and enjoy those views as well.

Running marathons used to remind me of the +3 months of radiation treatments I had as a cancer patient.  With the cancer treatments, although I was in pain , felt like crap and got steadily worse as the time progressed, there was only one way out and that was to move forward, one step at a time.   Now, I can think of another analogy to running a marathon;  my on-going personal drama.   Like a marathon, there is no way that I can go back to the way our lives were.  To remain in place is unacceptable.  The only answer is to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Note:  none of these pictures of of me, although I look very much like the last runner in the red shirt.  Sadly, I'm sure that I don't fill out my spandex shorts as deliciously as he does.  :>(


  1. Keep ur the marathon training...i would love to take part in one...sadly nothing like tht happens on my side of the world!!

  2. I too like legs and a nice butt in tight running shorts! It's great that you're doing this and have the drive for it. Finishing is the exhilarating part for me. Knowing you just accomplished this great thing, as you said, one step at a time. And the regular rhythm of each of those steps. Great analogy for life.

  3. Runners are hot, but they always get away from me!

  4. Keep it up! This is good for you. Are you running one of the major marathons?

  5. Someone who is in his mid 50s, does this all the time, so you can too.

  6. RB: I sign up (and pay the fee) at the last possible moment in case I develop a knee problem during training, so I don't know for sure which I'll do. I prefer to do 'major' marathons with +15,000 runners in them: much more exciting, especially at the start!!

    Ur-Spo: Congratulations to Someone!! I find runners like him inspirational!


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