Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ski Cam

This is not what I look like;  I just think the spandex skinsuits are hot!
We discovered several years ago that a unified front is essential when raising two teenagers.  When decisions had to be made, large or small, we would discuss the matter together and, despite our differing parenting styles, always managed, somehow, to arrive at an agreement.  

Only then the kid in question was told, "Yes, you may do this;  no you may not do that."   Although our marriage was lacking in most other departments, this was one thing which we were pretty good at, I think.

It was encouraging to see that this process has continued over the phone from our separate households.  We have had numerous phone conversations about routine parenting matters;  it was all fairly cordial and each discussion ended with an agreement about the topic in question..  What a change from a week ago!!

This weekend, I got in several hours of skiing early in the morning by myself.  The kids had a late night and slept until noon.  Later that afternoon, we did other winter sports. 

Skiing is one of my greatest joys in my life.  Exhilarating, effortless, exciting!!  I completely forget about everything else when I'm zooming down a hill.  In this area, we are blessed with the best skiing anywhere. Here is a sad little ski-cam video I shot with a hand-held digital camera.


  1. Never skied in my life. However I do feel the same comforting exhilaration that you do when I take a brisk walk. While not as sexy as skiing, walking gives me the opportunity of clear my head, improves my blood circulation, and observe the nature around me. I prefer walking on the boardwalk in Rehoboth and listen to the waves roll in on the beach from the Atlantic Ocean. When it is too cold to do that, I walk in the housing development behind me. One advantage over skiing, I'm not risking breaking any bones.
    I'm glad your family life is working out well.

  2. Spending 30+ years in South Florida, I didn't learn to (Snow) ski until I was in my 40's. I am in total agreement with you, it cleanses the garbage that floats around in my head and truly clears things up...

  3. I'm really glad for you that your wife doesn't appear to be in full-out crisis mode anymore, and your family's doing well.

    I liked the vid. This may really show my ignorance, but I didn't realize skiing was so noisy.

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys! Yes, I'm very cautiously optimistic that things are calming down.

    Cubby: It was -15 C with a very hard-packed, icy surface, hence the noise. Skiing on newly-fallen snow is silent!

    Ron: Your walk sounds fantastic! You're right about the broken bones; I don't see too many 70 or 80 year old skiers but there are lots of walkers in that age group.

  5. You may find this funny, but I think I'm the only person from Utah who has never been snow skiing! I even lived in Denver for a couple of years. Maybe I need a good teacher...?

  6. I tried skiiing once I made quite a bungle of it. And it was very $$$.


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