Friday, November 1, 2013

TMI: Halloween

Too Much Information is regular feature from Sean, Just a Jeep Guy which I look forward too each week.

All of the pictures are of me dressed as a cave man in a burlap sack, a $3:00 wig and some body makeup, but I was especially proud of the accessories I made with real chicken and beef bones:  necklaces, wrist and ankle bracelets and an earring.  The costume was a big hit!

1. Trick or Treat?  If I was really short of cash, I'd consider 'turning tricks' but I'd never play a trick on anyone.  I don't usually like practical jokes.  But I look forward to giving my (future) special guy all the treats he wanted as long as he treated me in return.

2. Do you hand out candy, make sure you're not home or pretend to not be home?
For many years, my wife stayed home to give out candies while I took my kids out trick-or-treating, first as babies, then toddlers and then little kids. My wife never once came with us.

They were so cute in their costumes.... and just wild with excitement!  These were some of my fondest memories as a father.  It was a sad day when they became old enough to go by themselves, with friends.

I now live in a rural area where there are no trick-or-treaters at all, but I still buy my own children a special treat.

3. What's your favorite candy? Throughout the year, I like candy of all sorts:  good-quality chocolate, gummie bears and chocolate-covered anything:  almonds, malt balls or coffee beans.

But at Halloween, I love all the mini chocolate bars, especially Coffee Crisp, Sweet Marie and Mr. Big.  I don't think any of these are available outside of Canada.

4. How big of a holiday is Halloween for you?  It was a very big deal when my kids were young.  We grew and carved many pumpkins, decorated the house and threw huge children's Halloween parties. 

But as an adult, Halloween is not too big a deal but that's more related to lack of opportunity.  I often dress up for school but I've never been to a costume party at a club.  But if there was a gay Halloween event in my town, I wouldn't miss it!

I'd especially love to go to the PittBull Halloween Party in Toronto.  PitBull events are wall-to-wall, sexy, bearish, scantily-clad, real men.  Insanely hot!

5. Sexy costume or scary?
Definitely sexy, without a doubt!  But since I've only worn costumes at school, I do have to tone the sexiness down a great deal. 

I think that true sexiness comes from self-confidence and the self-knowledge that you actually are sexy, regardless of age, body type or shape.  This is how I feel about myself much of the time but only since I've come out and gained experience as a gay man. This is very different from the "trying-too-hard-to-be-sexy" guys who I find very off-putting.
Ever have Halloween Sex while staying in costumer/character?
Never, but that would be a lot of fun with a special guy, any time of the year!


  1. looking good, buddybear!

    "I don't think any of these are available outside of Canada." - uh, nope, never heard of any of these candies. "mr. big" - perhaps you can find that at the pitbull party in toronto, peut-etre? bwhahahahaha!

    love you! :)

    1. You're a funny one, sweetie! I'll have to post a picture of Mr. Big very soon. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Good for you for making your own costume -- I think that's the real spirit of fun at Halloween. And you have great legs! It gets a guy thinking . . . :-)

    1. Thanks, Will. I have no doubt that you're always thinking.... impure thoughts, that is. lol

  3. Is that you at school dressed up like a cave man? Wow! :)

    1. Yes, I spent the entire day dressed like that, from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. There were quite a few teachers and lots of students in costume as well.

  4. Great costume and answers. "The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize." - Clairee in Steel Magnolia's. Were you barefoot all day or was that just for the photo?

    1. I agree about the accessories. With only the wig and burlap sack, the costume looked very sad indeed. But the right accessories and makeup made all the difference in the world!

      And yes, I walked around school all day (nearly 7 hours) in my bare feet. Wearing shoes would have just ruined the whole 'caveman' effect.

  5. I CANNOT imagine walking into a classroom and seeing that costume! How awesome can you get? Though I'm not sure the smell of dead bones would have been so good! HAHAHAHA

    Halloween for me is now just a night to be busy "elsewhere". I did wear my orange shirt and green t-shirt (as the Great Pumpkin, no padding needed) to youth group both Tuesday and Wednesday night as I volunteered (willingly) to chaperone the Halloween parties for both groups.

    Love that costume!!! You're a cavier man than I am, and I've been a caver since I was 14! (Though I go nude at some caver gatherings - at the hot tubs!)

    Peace <3

    1. I like your comment about the 'no padding needed.' Funny! But the bones didn't smell.

      I took uncooked pieces of meat such as chicken thighs, T-bone beef steaks and pork ribs and cut the flesh off the bone. (and cooked it for supper!)

      I scraped the bones, boiled them for about 15 minutes in a Javex / water solution and then drilled holes in them to turn them into jewelry. They'll last forever!

  6. Well, it looks like you had a great Halloween! Great answers, too. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

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