Wednesday, October 30, 2013

F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !

My Runner's Bouncing Cocks post from two days ago proved yet again that a provocative title and a sexy GIF will bring in the page views.... over 3,000 per day, over double the usual traffic to this blog.

I had intended to follow up with Part II, the story of how my running career started 12 years ago in an effort to avoid being around my wife. I'm too tired tell that story right now, but looking back, it seems unbelievable how I lived for so long under constant attack and criticism from my wife.  It took all of my energy to deal with her anger and erratic behaviour but the stress soon took it's toll on my health.

Yesterday was one of the busiest days ever:

1.  I taught my morning classes as usual, periods 1 and 2.  My grade 10 class is full of fantastic students;  friendly, engaged and eager to participate in important class discussions.  The boys in this class are quite gawky but it's easy to see that some of them will grow into fine physical specimens.  The grade 10 girls are completely lacking in the 'attitude' that so many have at that age.... and not a cheerleader among them!

During my grade 11 class, we watched a presentation by the most self-confident, charismatic, gayest and most 'out' student I've ever met.  To the delight of the class, Sam ended his presentation with an interpretive dance of a nuclear fission reaction (ie: when an atomic bomb explodes), complete with pirouettes, leaps and ending with jazz hands, which he had to explain to the class. 

The crowd went wild!  It was one of the most memorable few minutes of my teaching career and I told Sam in front of the class:  "That was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!!"   I don't know if the class understood the reference; that it was something only a gay man would say.

2.  I then supervised the cafeteria for the entire lunch period.  Few of our 'cool' high school students eat there so it's mainly used by the grade 7 / 8s from the middle school attached to our building.  The kids' behaviour was okay but they are just so immature.... I'd sooner set my hair on fire than teach that age group.

3.  I then spent most of period 4 preparing a supply teacher lesson.  This took an extra long time because a non-qualified supply teacher was coming in to teach my grade 12s.   Everything had to be spelled out explicitly.

4.  I spent period 5 at the dentist, dealing with a rather unpleasant procedure to repair a cracked tooth.   My dentist is not my type at all:  slim, boyish, clean-cut, in his late 30s and dressed entirely in beige. 

During the procedure, he had to open his thighs wide with his pants straining against his bulge and press in close to me;  a pleasant distraction.  And when the drilling became too intense, I thought of the bouncing cock gif from the previous post and imagined taking the "big, fleshy, sumptuous cock" (Will's comment) in my mouth;  this appealing thought got me through the procedure.

5.  After the dentist, I drove some 30 minutes to our local slaughterhouse to pick up a lamb's digestive system, heart and lungs for the next day's dissection activity with my grade 10 class.

6.  I returned from the slaughterhouse to attend a going away party at a local hotel for our vice-principal who is leaving town.  I have so little contact with our admin that I could scarcely remember her name, but the high-fat food served was fantastic for a school event!  Wings, quesadillas, calamari, perogies, nachos and meatballs!  Yum!

What a day!   By the time I got home and went for a long walk with my son's dog, I felt like a horse that's been rode hard and put away wet.  Whew!


  1. I was so relieved that the purchase at the slaughterhouse was for a school project and not dinner or something.

    As for the dentist visit - if he had known about your "relaxation" technique he would have been saying open wider instead of just open wide.

    1. I must admit, Sean, the lamb's heart and liver looked very tempting! They're considered delicacies to those who know about such things.

      But I managed to scavenge a lunch while supervising in the cafeteria: I ate a delicious Navel orange, retrieved from the floor, and a fantastic tuna and celery sandwich clearly made by some doting mother and left untouched on a table by an ungrateful teenaged son. Waste not, want not!

      And if the dentist had requested servicing, I would never had said no to him, that's for sure.

  2. Regarding your years of attack and criticism: I think more husbands suffer this than is realized. And it can be subtle enough that we don't realize it. Like the frog in warm water. I think one of my favorite stories is when someone commented to my wife I was such a good husband. Her response? "You think they come like that out of the box? It took years" A simple thank you would have been nice. And yes it can take a toll on health. I had a foot condition that cleared up immediately when I moved out. Congrats on your accomploishments.
    I have to say, I have always kind of liked working with middle schoolers (not to say I would like teaching them) They seem unspoiled with less drama than the high schoolers.

    1. I agree.... I know plenty of straight husbands in heterosexual marriages who also seem to receive constant criticism from their wives as well.

  3. Well, anyone involved in theatre would also understand "Fabulous!!!" - as well as the jazz hands! LOL.

  4. Because, whkattk, those of us involved in theater (and opera, and music, and art, and dance, etc.) are either gay -- a large percent -- or totally cool with gay. One of the joys of my profession that spans all of those categories.

    1. Hey whkattk and Will! Maybe I should volunteer with our local dramatic society, if only as a assistant in building or moving the sets. Maybe my Mr. Right is hiding in the realm of the creative arts.

    2. I can't guarantee it but I know lots of wonderful men who work throughout the performing arts, and they can be met in positive, cooperative activities, not in bars or other hook-up-oriented meat rack types of places.

  5. I am exhausted just reading about your day!

    1. My school days are generally very busy and exciting.... and a great deal of fun. It's one of the pleasures of my job, and I mean that seriously. But yesterday was extra busy, that's for sure.

  6. I agree with anne marie...WHEW! That sounds like one of my days. The kids will definitely wear you out.

    Hope the dentist went well. I hate stuff like that. Have two crowns and a couple other "repairs". Every one of them sucked. And I don't mean dicks.

    Peace <3

    1. The dentist visit went far better than expected, thanks. He decided to split the work into two visits to make it less of an ordeal, so I'm back again next week.

  7. Replies
    1. Thank your saying so! ... .I thought I should start posting pics of men who are closer to my age and the sort of guy I might possibly end up with. My body looks somewhat like his but with skinnier biceps and flap around my waistline.

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