Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Testicle Tuesday

This ball-sucking looks a little too rough.
I like the alliteration in this sexy title which, as a bonus, is sure to generate many pageviews from google searches.

This is a good thing because for first time in nearly three years of blogging, my life is so calm that I have no new gay news to blog about.

Before I started having sex with men, I never gave any thought to testicles other my own lonely ball.  But now, I've seen a great many up close, ranging from the Micropenis Guy's marble-sized balls to the beefy, beautiful ones swinging low between Hottie Construction Worker's thighs last week.

Two years ago, it would never have occurred to me to lick a guy's balls or to take them in my mouth.   But I've had many requests to do so and now love gently sucking the boys and running my tongue all around ..... and especially in between the skin separating them.  I also like applying gentle pressure to them in the palm of my hand when I'm sucking a cock or even kissing, and I've never had a guy tell me to stop.

Apart from his cock, man's balls are his most precious possession; the core of his masculinity.  Most men live in dread of having their balls kicked or otherwise manhandled.  Therefore, I constantly find it unbelievable that the men I'm having sex will allow a nameless, faceless stranger, to take their balls, their most vulnerable part, into his mouth.

I guess lust and horniness just take over and caution flies out the window.


  1. I just love lapping at a guy's balls - especially if they're smooth and hairless (hate picking hair out of my mouth!). Yep, letting a complete stranger grab our nuts is somewhat amazing, considering the pain and damage they could inflict. But, like you, I've never had a guy mishandle mine.

    1. I agree about the smooth balls. The guys I've been with have all been well groomed..... no pubic hair floss for me!

  2. Just when your post was getting good you stopped! You really could have expanded more on this. ;p

    Whkattk/Buddy - at first thought is might be surprising that one guy would trust another to handle his balls but really only a guy knows that pain and would never inflict that on another guy - now straight guys. If I were one I'd be really careful and very worried!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, Sean! I was really pressed for time; I've been extremely busy and absolutely drew a blank when I was thinking about what to write, then "Testicle Tuesday" popped into my mind.

      I'm not sure what else I would have written. I don't think about balls with quite the same level of obsession as foreskins or cocks. lol

      I'm not sure what you meant by your last sentence? Were you suggesting that straight guys are extra worried about having a gay guy take their balls into his mouth?

      That hasn't been my experience. The straight guys I've been with (or more likely, "straight" guys) have been eager for me to play with their balls and usually ask for it.

  3. (sings)
    I'm just a lonely ball, lonely and blue
    I'm all alone with nothin' to do
    I've got everything you could think of
    But all I want is someone to love

    nice pix up there; now if only they were wearing cock rings..

  4. I'm with you, Buddy Bear! I love balls, love having mine "mauled" while I maul another guys! Not too rough of course, but just enough.

    Peace <3

  5. I haven't had my ball "mauled" by an expert .....so I'm not yet sure if I like it.

  6. I love having balls in my mouth. The husband likes some rough play with his very big ones, which always makes me nervous but I do it for him; other guys I play with have a spectrum of likes. Myself, I can't take any rough stuff--they're very sensitive--but gentle tongue work like you describe is real heaven.

  7. I found working on hairy balls, like my balls is my cup of tea...........

  8. I love - it went my balls get work on, and my public hair gets work on too...

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