Friday, October 25, 2013


Too Much Information is a regular, fun feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.  

  1. How big is your TV screen?  My TV is a 23" Magnavox purchased in 1990; practically a museum piece.

But very soon, I plan to get much bigger flat screen TVs for the Love Nest and for my newly-renovated living room when those projects are finished.

  2. How big is your hard drive? Laptop or desktop?  I have no idea how big the hard drive is on my 3-year-old Toshiba laptop but it seems to do the job.

  3. How big is your home? Is it too big or too small?  My home is around 1,600 square feet (I think) and there is a 600 square foot log building on the property as well, where my Love Nest located.

It is too big for one person but when my three kids and our three dogs are here (and perhaps, future grandchildren), we really do fill it up.   And I always have the option of renting out the main house and living in the log building.  I'd make a pile of money doing that!

  4. How big is your waistline? Is it too big or too small?  I'd say "too big."  I still carry the twenty pounds gained during my coming-out divorce drama and no longer fit the 32" waist pants which I wore for most of my adult life.  But I hate the idea of wearing 34" pants and they often seem a bit too big on me anyway.

  5. How big are your pets?  At this moment, there are three doggies cuddled with me:  my daughter's dog is a skittish, skinny little terrier (12 pounds). 

His brother (my little dog) sleeps by the food dish all day and growls at any dog who dares approach it.  He's quite overweight at 18 pounds.  My son's border collie cross is a very slim 35 pounds.

  6. How big is your car?   My small car (a Toyota Corolla) is perfect since I commute 30 km (18 miles) one way and must have good gas mileage.  At times, I borrow my father's or son's truck to haul bigger loads.

  7. How big are your biceps?  I describe myself as having "bird arms."  I don't give a hoot as to how skinny my arms look but sometimes wish they were stronger when I have to move the refrigerator.  I do admire moderately large biceps on other men.... but not too big.

  8. How big is your ego? To me, "Big ego" means someone who overconfident,  arrogant and with an inflated sense of one's importance.  I have none of those qualities.  Just to toot my own here, I am very balanced in the ego department;  confident but not over-bearing about it, modest and willing to do any task or be friendly and helpful to any person, no matter how humble.

  9. Who's currently the biggest ass? I can only think of American Republican or fundamentalist wingnuts for this category:  Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, anyone from the Westboro Baptist Church, ..... the list is endless.

10. Who's currently the biggest loser? I hope and pray that the current scandal involving Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will cause him to be biggest loser in the next election.

11. How big is your bank account? My bank account is the very definition of "cash flow."  My income is a healthy one but once I pay for spousal support, kids' university tuition, my mortgage, utilities and construction materials, there is very little left at the end of each month.
How big is your sexual organ?   

Oh my!  My hard cock is at least average-sized, 6.5 or even 7.0" when I'm really aroused, cut and quite thick. My uni-ball is not a low-hanger but is bigger than normal which is common for men who grew up from birth with one testicle.

Is it big enough?  Yes, my cock is plenty big enough for any sexual activity that I can think of.  In fact, I often think it's a bit too thick when asked to top a tight-assed, bottom virgin.

I am never embarassed to take my cock out in intimate company.  Usually, my cock is the same size (or bigger) than the other guy I'm with.  Sadly, mine is very much a "grower" and I would very much prefer that it was bigger in the flaccid state, if only to better fill out a Speedo or some sexy underwear.

How do you like your partner to be sized?   Can it be too big/small?  Yes, my partner's cock size does matter but only in the sense that I'd prefer my guy to be averaged-sized or even a bit smaller.  Manageable.

While a monster-sized cock is fun to look at online for the way it fills out a Speedo, I sometimes have difficulty deep throating one without gagging.  I'm a wimpy bottom and will never take a monster cock up my ass. 

But on the opposite end of the cock spectrum, I'd never be happy with someone like the Micropenis Guy who's cock was less than 1", erect.  What could anyone do with that?

Does size really matter?   I've met several big-cocked guys who were selfish, arrogant bastards who were only concerned about their own pleasure.  I've also been with several guys with decent-sized cocks which never got hard;  a disappointment. 

So in the final analysis, cock size doesn't really matter to me.  Give me a average or smaller-cocked, adventurous, attentive, kind, skilled, intelligent and appreciative lover every time!


  1. I can think of another way to beat that penis

  2. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

    Don't Stop!

    Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

    1. Funny guy! It took me a long time (ie: all day) to figure out what you were referring to. lol

  3. OK, it's all over at

    Cool answers, I see we think the same thing about TVs, mine is a 21" next to the 24" computer monitor!!!

    Peace <3

  4. hohoho
    When I saw this meme I figured you would do it AND you would address the bonus question!

    1. Indeed. So far, I seem to be the only one who answered the bonus question in such clinical detail.

  5. Very well put Buddy.

    I've begun to think I would be what is called a "power bottom" I'm able to take some very well endowed men. One guy even said he'd never had a partner able to take his slab o' meat the way I can.... its a talent. ;-)

    1. An admirable skill! I wish I wasn't such a wimp when it comes to bottoming.

    2. Buddy, like most things, it is a skill that gets better with practice. Relaxation of course is very important. AND once you have a prostate orgasm, you will have the incentive.

    3. Yes, it takes practice. And, like skier says, once I had a prostate orgasm I was willing to work through the discomfort.

    4. Thanks, John (and skier.) Having a prostate orgasm is my new goal; I just need to find a skilled top who I can trust and who can become something of a regular.

      And John, I wish you good luck with your medical procedure on Monday.....

  6. I haven't had a prostate orgasm when bottoming, although I like bottoming a lot. I know they have to be something special from the guys who've had one when I topped them. I love doing that for a man.

    1. I haven't had a prostate orgasm, either, but a few times when bottoming, I started to get a very warm glow, a sort of tingle that left me craving more..... That probably was just a baby step to a prostate orgasm.

  7. LOL! If you free your mind....your ass will follow. I too was not a fan of being on the bottom. Then I met Joe my current fuck buddy of 10 years. Joe is 9.5 inches long and almost 7 inches around. Over the first six months he taught me how to take him and to experience not only a prostate orgasm but a true anal orgasm. Relaxation, working the anus with fingers, small dildo, Lube and more Lube. When he breaches the second internal ring I know that heaven is just this sin away. I had to free my mind from fearing he would split me open and only cared about himself....not all horse cock guys are like that. Even when he has smoke streaming out his nostrils, ears and horse cock he has never forced, raped or thought only of his needs. Good luck and glad I found your blog today. BTW...that is his cock in the photo. :)

  8. Wow! Thanks for all that excellent, inspirational advice. I hope you continue reading my blog!

  9. I don't worry about penis size. As long as I can handle it....You got me curious about my size too...I am grower and my penis is around 6 inches and circumcised too..

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