Friday, November 8, 2013

TMI: Lost and Found

Too Much Information is a fun, weekly feature by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.


1. Do you tend to loose things only to find them later?
Sometimes.  But I'm getting more and more organized in my new home, with "a place for everything and everything in it's place"  The kids are getting much better at putting things back after using them.

Lack of organization made my former (married) life extremely difficult and stressful.  My ex-wife was (and is) highly A.D.D. and was constantly losing things.  Then she would get angry, blame everyone else and would start yelling.  At one point, she had lost seven sets of keys for our car!

2. Have you ever gone "shopping" in the Lost and Found?  Sean, fess up!  Did you write this question with me in mind?  I blush to admit that I regularly sometimes help myself to clothing from lost-and-found boxes.  I put the items aside for a couple of years before wearing them, lest the original owner spots me wearing his shirt.

It's especially exciting to nab a pair of spandex shorts or nice undies because I can imagine the hot guy (and even hotter cock) who filled them out before me.

A grade 12 student once asked me in front of the whole class:  "Hey, Sir, where'd you get the cool shirt?"    (I was wearing a T-shirt which I'd stolen from the lost-and-found.  It had picture of  a skull wearing headphones with the caption:  "Bosch speakers will turn your brain to mosh")

I answered with a shrug:  "I don't know.   I think I stole it from a lost-and-found box."   The class thought I was joking and laughed heartily at this, but little did they know, I actually had stolen it!

3. Has a dog or other pet "followed" you home?  No, but I'd be a real softie for any dog in distress.

4. How are you at finding a bargain?  I'm excellent at getting the best value for my dollar. This is especially important now that I'm so cash poor after my divorce.  But my best money-saving strategy is to repair the old item, make it do or do without. 

5. How many times have you lost your wallet?  Never.  I haven't used a wallet in 20 years.

6. How do you find the time?  The biggest challenge in  my life right now is not having enough time to do everything I want or need to do.  I try very hard to not waste my time doing things which don't matter.

7. Have you found your soul mate? Do you think you ever will?   I`m not sure whether or not I`ve met my soul mate.  But I`m an eternal optimist, so I am certain that he will emerge one day.

8. Do you have a lost love? No.

9. When did you lose your innocence?  When I was nineteen (in 1982), I was diagnosed with a stage III malignant melanoma which had metastasized widely.  My doctor said it was a "massive involvement." 

Over the following six months, I had a couple of recurrences, several radical surgeries and months of radiation treatments. 

After my cancer treatments and surgery, I was weak, nauseous and in pain but tougher than ever.   I had no expectation that I would ever live to see 21. 

I learned that bad things can happen to good people and that you sometimes have very little control over what happens to you.  I also felt wise beyond my years and far more mature than many people much older than myself.  I realized that most people spent most of their time worrying about things which don't really matter.

So every day since then has been a blessing.

When did you lose your virginity? How many times have you helped someone lose their's?
Embarrassing fact:  I lost my heterosexual virginity with my ex-wife when I was 28, just before we got engaged.

Before that, I assumed that I had a low sex drive because I did not have a strong urge to have sex with women.  It never occurred to me that men could have sex with other men.

The reality was that I was highly-sexed but only found this out twenty years later when I discovered my true calling:  having sex with men!

I lost my gay virginity at the age of 48 with a sexy, sweet 28 year-old which I posted about:  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.   I will remain forever grateful that my first gay experience was so positive, so fantastic!  It was one of the life-changing moments of my life.

I`ve helped many young men with their gay virginity problem, at least six or more in their early 20s.  I have the fondest possible memories of these sweet young men.  I posted about some of these experiences:
-Hunky 22 year old:
-22 year old gay virgin Aboriginal dude
-Hookup with a student while blindfolded


  1. Guilty.
    More than once.
    Good answers.

    1. Thank you, Sean! As I mentioned to you before, as long as you keep writing TMI questions, I'll keep answering them.

      But when you start inquiring about my bowel movements, that's when we part company!

  2. Lost my gay at 11, my hetero at 17... Animals used to follow me home all the time. Soul Mate - not lost or found.

  3. Is that you in the last picture?If not,i think it would really hot if you take a picture of yourself like the first picture on the bed.Wishful thinking ;)

  4. I'm sure the last pic is NOT you, younger and skinnier. But the pic is hot with the lighting and all.

    1. I used to look exactly like the last picture...... over thirty years ago when I was nineteen! But I don't think my cock was ever that fat-looking.

      I do look quite a lot like the first picture of the mature guy naked in bed, except I think that my mid-section is quite a bit thicker.

      I should try to take a few semi-nude self-pics of me for the blog.... I haven't had the time or inclination to do that recently.

  5. Cool answers!

    Peace <3

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