Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sexy Daddies

This is another great Too Much Information questionnaire by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy!  My status as a real-life father is undergoing a great transition at the moment and it saddens me.  But life marches on!

Only my middle daughter (20) is living with me full time at the moment but she'll be going back to university in September.  My oldest daughter (22) is setting up her own place (a basement apartment) with a girlfriend.

My son will be in a commercial diving programme over 2,000 miles away in September but for the moment, he spents all his time with friends and seems to be avoiding both me and my former wife.  But for Father's Day this year, middle daughter is arranging a dinner at my house and cooked by all the kids for me and my father. 

1. My dad's name is _____.  I don't want to say.  When his unique, ethnic name is googled, he is the only person in the entire world who seems to have that name.

2. He is _____ years old.  79.  He has now outlived his own father by three years.

3. He is as big as _____.  I am.  Rather, we're exactly the same height, 5'-10" but he's quite a bit heavier at around 250 pounds.

4. He has _____ hair and _____ eyes.  Silver-blonde hair and blue eyes.  He's very handsome!

5. His favorite food is _____.   Pork chops (cooked on the grill with no sauce, just salt), sauerkraut and buttermilk.

6. His favorite color is _____.  Blue and it looks fabulous on him.

7. He likes to go to _____.  His cottage on a beautiful, northern Canadian lake.

8. For fun he likes to _____.  Go dancing!  Despite his arthritis, he and my mother go dancing every week and he's very proud of his skills.  My brother and I call him "Twinkle Toes."  lol

9. My favorite thing to do with my dad is _____.  When he was younger, we worked together on vehicles, yard work and on carpentry projects, big (entire houses) and small (refinishing furniture.)  Now, we enjoy sitting around and talking.

10. I love my dad because _____.  He's always been there for me, always, all the time.

1. Who's your daddy?  In the sexual sense, I don't have a daddy.  I'm not really looking for one, actually, as I like to be in charge.  But in an ideal life, I wouldn't turn down a LTR with a rich dude who could help me out of my financial difficulties.  But he'd have to be a nice guy, worthy of me, reasonably fit and not controlling.
2. Are you into daddies?  No.  But the silver daddies pictured in this post are hot!
3. How do you define daddy?  An older gay man who is financially secure who takes care of a much younger gay man, both financially and sexually.
4. Are you a daddy?  Yes, I'm an actual daddy to my three kids:  22, 20 and 18 who are very independent and are rapidly leaving the nest.

But I continue to get messaged nearly every day by young men in the 20 - 28 year old age range who want to have sex with me.... and some of them call Daddy!  The majority of these sexy young men want me to take charge in bed ... to "take" them.  And I enjoy doing that as well, but with greatest respect for them;  their bodies, their emotions and their self-esteem.


  1. Who's your daddy? You are! What a dad! In more ways than one! All around generous nice man! The younger guys coming out do so painlessly thanks to you. Helps them feel better about themselves as they go thru life. Sure the young Brazilian guy wants to meet you and have sex, but I'm sure it's also cuz he feels safe and comfortable with you. Happy Father's Day, buddy bear! I wish you all the best!

    1. Thanks, Rick! Yes, I try very hard to get my men to be relaxed and comfortable around me, especially the young, inexperienced ones!

  2. Very good post! Enjoyed it very much especially what you said about your Dad.

    1. Yes, I'd say we're closer now than ever and it saddens me constantly that one day, he will no longer be with us.

  3. I am in an LTR with a daddy, but the taking charge part is up to me!!

    1. Sounds sweet! I wish I could be in a LTR with a younger, "take-charge" hottie like you!

  4. minn_bulge@yahoo.comJune 12, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    OMG: where did that St Olaf pic come from?

    1. I just got it from random Tumblr blog featuring mature men. I always thought "St Olaf" existed only on the Golden Girls (Rose's home town in Minnesota) but I just discovered that it really exists!

  5. I so agree with Rick. And for every guy you help come out, I'm hoping they will pay it forward. Coming out shouldn't be as hard as it was for you and me.

    1. Yes, I like that idea of "playing it forward." I should talk to them about that!

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