Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sex with a Hunky Tradesman

Rick of Torn Jeans has commented several times recently that I "must have horseshoes up my ass."  lol  Maybe he's right!  Last night, I had a hookup with an extremely handsome, 27 year old tradesman with the most spectacular body I have ever been close to.  

Hunky Tradesman who wrestled and played senior football in high school, is 6'-0" with a "toned, athletic body."   The pics in this post, taken from my favourite hot men blog,  Edge of Reality, all resemble him in some way. 

His profile said:  "Am a total bottom guy interested in guys of any age."  He messaged me on a week ago and we chatted like best friends throughout the week.  

Hunky Tradesman seemed like a sweet, intelligent, horny young man  (note the perfect grammar and spelling!).  He is closeted but horny as hell and said:  "I have had only a few partners but older guys have made great lovers, I must say."

I can't repeat all of our conversation, but here are a few of his sweet comments to me:
  • I LOVE kissing!  Of course!  I love to have the guy take charge and do what he wants to do.
  • I sometimes like to have a drink or two just to loosen up.  A beer would be good.
  • Well can I sleep over for the whole night one time, after we get to know each other a bit?  If we become a regular thing, that is.
  • I'm looking forward to meeting you!  I am so excited!
He arrived at 11:00 pm;  in the Love Nest, we lay down on the bed fully clothed. He drank his beer while we chatted;  he was the sweetest guy but quite nervous. 

I caressed his jeans bulge and beefy thighs, and rubbed my hands on his furry belly, took off his socks and unzipped his fly.  His beautiful, long, cut cock was perfection and rock hard already, straining against his boxer briefs. 

In the next hour our so, we exchanged blowjobs, enjoyed naked, full body contact like am erotic wrestling match, ground our cocks into each others' and kissed all over, except on the lips because of my bad cold.  :-( 

I asked Hunky Tradesman to tell me what he liked the best of what I was doing to him.  He replied:  "Everything.  I like everything you're doing!"  I replied: "That not exactly narrowing it down, dude!"  lol

I gave him a full-body oil massage (with Canola oil), and spent what seemed like an hour rimming his sweet, voluptous, hairy ass while he quivered and moaned.  I moved on to a well-lubed prostate massage when he said:  "Fuck me!  I want you to fuck me now!"

My first attempt caused him much pain but it went better when he rode my cock with me on my back.  Then it went better still with me slamming his ass doggy style (so hot!) and at his request, in the missionary position.  I wish I was a better top ... but I hope that practice will improve my skills!

Afterwards, we had this conversation:

Buddy Buddy:  You must get lots of offers on POF.  Why did you message me?
Hunky Tradesman:   I like guys your age.  But you were the only one who had his full face picture on his profile.
Buddy Bear:  Well, that takes a bit of courage on my part.  I know lots of my students are on these sites as well.
Hunky Tradesman:  I get messaged constantly by straight married guys.
Buddy Bear:  "Straight?"   Hmmm
Hunky Tradesman:  Well, curious married guys.  But I end up blocking most of them.  They're way too aggressive.  All they want to do is fuck me.

But chatting with you was different.  You wanted to know what I liked in bed, what I felt about liking guys.  You took the time to find out what I was like and never propositioned me once!
Buddy Bear:  That's who I am!  Mr. Nice Guy!  lol

In the end, Hunky Tradesman didn't stay the night.  "It takes me awhile to get comfortable with another person"  but before he drove off at 2:00 a.m. he said:  "I want to see you again. Message me anytime you want!"

And when I woke up the  next morning, I found this POF message:  "Thank you too for meeting me I had a lot of fun. I hope we can do it again sometime soon."



  1. Replies
    1. So do I! Despite his follow-up message, there's a good chance that I will never hear from him again!

  2. I will not say anything about your lucky ass, but sure hope you took your time caressing his jeans bulge!

  3. You're physically desirable and sexually skilled, but you seem to get a lot of these men particularly because you're a nice guy and care about them as much as you do about yourself. And if he really does resemble these five men, he must have been a real treat!

    1. Yes, he did resemble the pics! If anything, he was even more handsome, lean and muscular.

  4. I love a hot tradie, especially in his workwear,
    Fix my toilet then fuck me afterwards is the fantasy.

    Enjoy him Buddy

    1. Thanks! I haven't been with enough tradesmen / blue collar guys.... I want more!

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