Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nudist Erections IV

A Sean predicted, having a post title of "Gay Obese Politician" does not generate as many page views as my blog usually gets!  As a little experiment, I predict that my pageviews today will double.  My previous posts in this series, Nudist ErectionsNudist Erections II and Nudist Erections III  have generated well over 100,000 views.

Just seeing these sexy, naked men makes me long for Hanlan's Point nude beach on Toronto Island which I hope to visit this summer.

My last post about my lack of attraction to the Obese Politician certainly generated a lot of comment!  I've commented to each one so please check them out.  Thanks to everyone for your diverse points of view!  Here is a run-down of my week so far:
  1. I still haven't responded to Obese Politician's last text, asking if I'd be interested in going out with him for coffee or dinner sometimes.  I have been very busy but as well, I'm still not certain how to respond.  I'm actually not that interested in seeing him and my lack of response to him is probably speaking louder than any words I could say.  But I must reply to him eventually.
  2. Middle daughter (19) has been with me all week as we've had a relaxing time in the evenings, watching DVDs, cooking, and working around the house.  I've missed her a lot in the eight months she's been away and am grateful for the time we have together.
  3. My son (17) has been living here for the past couple of weeks, too, but he's what I call a "free agent.".... we don't see much of him as he's either at school, at his internship / work placement, his job at Walmart or with friends.
  4. I rarely see my oldest daughter (22) these days and it saddens me.  We get along perfectly well but she's leaving the nest soon and is looking for a rental place to share with a girlfriend.   In meantime, she's busy with school, her cook's job and friends and mainly lives with my ex-wife who she finds "annoying all the time."
  5. I haven't been with a man for four days and I'm craving cock, bad.  But I want to spend time with my daughter this week as she is choosing to stay with me.
  6. After months of no communication, my ex has been texting me frequently (and politely) as we make preparations for our son's possibly entry into the commercial diving program in September:  living arrangements, scholarship applications, student loans, travel and the like.  I occasionally find her forgetfulness and erratic behaviour annoying but it is much improved from the yelling, hatred and bitterness of four years ago.

That's all for now!


  1. They all have something to recommend them, but I am very taken (and would just love to BE taken) by the last guy with his strong back, thick and beautifully veined cock and that big, luxurious pubic bush. I'd love to get my nose and forehead buried in that rich, deep mass while doing great things to his cock with my tongue and throat. As ever, thanks for being an enabler to my adoration of men!

    1. Yes, that last guy was my favourite too for every reason you mentioned!

  2. It's interesting how a blog title can generate traffic, eh?

    Enjoy your time with your youngest daughter - the cock(s) will be there when you're ready; give your oldest the space she needs to try her wings - you'll be there to catch her if she falters.

    1. Thanks for the sensible parenting advice!

  3. Have you considered that the ex's "erratic behavior" could be rooted in the lack of love coming her way from any quarter? I appreciate that she has done little to nothing to engender such love. But maybe what you do is treat her much better than she deserves, as a means of lifting her spirits generally and thereby making things less anyone for your oldest daughter who stays there.

    As to the men pictured, my favorite is the trim, hairy-chested guy at the top.

    1. No, I hadn't thought of that at all, Mike. I think that you might be correct.

      I've always been aware that my children will always have to deal with their mother for better or for worse .... so if things are going badly for her, they will have to deal with the aftermath.

      Also, she is the mother of my children, carried them for nine months and nursed them for 12 - 20 months (each!) and deserves my respect no matter what the ups and downs of her behaviour are. And slowly, our exchanges have become more pleasant.

  4. Replies
    1. I posted them just for you, sweetie!

  5. Having been in many clothing optional areas, I must say that whoever took these pics is lucky, I've seen one erection in probably 30 years, and it was on an old, obese "politician".

    I am sure you're loving all the time with your daughter, and I'm sure your son is enjoying what little time he's around with her, too.

    Glad the ex is calmer. Must be a nice change!

    Peace <3

  6. I've seen numerous erections at Hanlan's Point on Toronto Island, usually on guys my age who are reasonably fit.

    But I did post about one fantastic nude-beach erection on a twinky 20 year old. Click on this post from July 2013 and scroll down to the title: "BEST SIGHTING ALL DAY."

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