Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Afterglow of World Pride 2014

I am back at home from World Pride Toronto 2014, exhausted but exhilarated in the afterglow of a gigantic four-day orgasm of gay fun and experiences.

I'll post about most of it in the upcoming weeks but not right now.  I'm just too tired!

Some memorable events include the TNT Naked Dance Party (hot! hot! hot!), the most fantastic Pride parade ever and my "pretend" boyfriend with whom I walked hand-in-hand for two nights along Church Street and exchanged Public Displays of Affection.  Sweet!

Up next:  Toronto Pride 2015! 


  1. Looks like a GREAT EVENT! I wish ours could match it.

    "Pretend" boyfriend? Why not REAL?!?!

    Peace <3

    1. He wasn't really a "keeper!" Details to follow.

    2. Mr. Right Now as opposed to Mr. Right? There's nothing wrong with that, and a lot that can be great for however long it does or doesn't last. I am a great believer in the joys of the casual encounter.

      That picture of all the guys in red speedos is just plain delightful -- there are about half a dozen I would like to mess with, the boy in profile on the left with the ginger hair and beard IN PARTICULAR. :-)

  2. I thought for the first several hours that he MIGHT be a possibile (future) Mr. Right. But once I decided that he wasn't going to be, I almost enjoyed his company even more ..... savour the moment!

    The red Speedo hunks are members of Toronto's Triggerfish gay water polo team. They were extremely cute and friendly; more on the twink-ish side.

    Their Speedos were so tight that their packages were all squished flat. I much prefer looser Speedos which allow a bit of jiggle and bounce of cock and balls. lol But I am being picky! I got a hard cock just standing one foot away from them!

    I saw them up close at their Pride booth on Church Street but I didn't get my picture taken with them. (which I now regret) When they walked by us at the Pride Parade, we blasted them with our supershooter water guns! That was sooo much fun!

    Just squirting them with water was so erotic that I got another erection and they enjoyed being squirted, too!

  3. It does all look fun and frolic.

  4. The red speedos are arousing my limp penis too....


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