Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweet Brazilian Boy #3

I was messaged on Grindr earlier this week another university student from Brazil, 23 years old.  At his request, we exchanged phone numbers and texted for several days.

Sweet Brazilian Boy #3 asked repeatedly if he could come over for some sexytime.  Finally, I agreed and he asked to be picked up at 10:00 pm.

Buddy Bear:   Where should I pick you up?
Brazilian Boy #3:  In front of the library, beside City Hall.
Buddy Bear:  (to myself) OMFG!  That's near where Sweet Brazilian Boy #1 lives!
Buddy Bear:   So... do you live in a rented room near there?  An apartment by yourself?
Brazilian Boy #3:  No, I rent the main floor of a house with some other students.
Buddy Bear:     Men? Or women? Canadians?
Brazilian Boy #3: No.  My roommates are three other guys from Brazil in the same program as me.

Brazilian Boy #3 and Brazilian Boy #1 are roommates!  

They are closeted to everyone and to each other!   Further discreet questions from me removed any doubt, especially when I saw him leaving the same house as BB #1. 

Brazilian Boy #3 was 5'-11", slim and handsome, resembling the men pictured in this post.  He was also very intelligent and despite his limited vocabulary, shared some very interesting perceptions about life in Canada.  (he was very positive about Canadians!)

BB#3 had dated girls in Brazil and was closeted to everyone in his life.  He said that his family would be shocked when they find out he is gay;  it would NOT go over well at all!

Privately, I thought he had a very gay-sounding voice and was certain that his mother already suspected that he's gay:  mother's always figure out their gay sons before anyone!

I removed his Brazilian Boy's clothes to reveal a perfect, fine body:  broad shoulders (my favourite!), a well-developed chest, a beautiful, thick uncut cock a bit above average in size) and a juicy ass.  He had rather skinny thighs and sure enough, he was a rare Brazilian who did NOT play soccer.  lol

BB #3 was quite inexperienced and was a very awkward kisser, although he did improve somewhat with practice and with much coaching from me.  This was something of a disappointment because Sweet Brazilian BOy #1 was the best kisser I'd ever experienced.

I wonder, is it possible to "train" someone to be a good kisser?  Either you are a good kisser or you aren't, in my view.

But BB #3 excellent in the area of giving blowjobs.  He was a hungry, passionate cock sucker and spent much of our encounter devouring my cock with an energy and compulsion which I'd never before experienced.  Fantastic!  He set me a-trembling from head to toe, practically in convulsions.  It was SO HOT to look down and see that handsome young man worshiping my cock.  Unforgettable!

On the ride home BB #3 said he was going to delete his Grindr profile.  "Why?", I asked.

BB #3:   I don't like being on Grindr, having men contact me like that.
Buddy Bear:  But how will you meet other if you aren't on Grindr.
BB #3:  I don't want to meet other men!
Buddy Bear:  (to myself)  Shit! Fuck!

Dilemma:  I still want to hook up with Brazilian Boy #1 but don't want to give up BB #3.  Selfish!

Is it possible to hook up with two closeted roommates without having the whole thing blow up in  my face?  In particular, I don't want to hurt the feelings of BB #1 or have him think that all gay men are assholes. 




  1. Although I consider myself ST8 acting, yep my mum guessed it.

    Enjoy your boys Buddy

  2. As a point of honesty, they know you "get with" other guys right? You might let him know he's not the only Brazilian student you "know." If he starts to ask questions, it might lead to an honest discussion, letting each one know you don't "kiss and tell" unless you garner permission from the the other one first.

    I'm envious of your "problem."

  3. hmmmmm, this could blow up and be hurtful to all involved. tread with caution, dear.

  4. Just because you're smart enough to figure out they're roommates it doesn't mean you can't act surprised if it ever comes up. It's not like they're comparing notes. ;) and just how much time is left in this program anyway.

    As for deleting the account - you can suggest where and how he could meet guys (gay sport groups - you know not just bars).

    As for kissing - I find it hard to believe that a great cocksucker is so bad at kissing unless he's trying to suck your tongue like a cock. He could just be less experienced in kissing and just needs some one to practice with - know anyone?

    As for the gay men are assholes - like all men they are when they lie. Just be honest, which you always are, and make sure you pick him (them) up a few doors down. Maybe you could suggest a 3way and when they see each other in your car...

  5. Yes, this will blow up in your face. And yes, they will (rightly) think you are an asshole. You should have backed away as soon as you realized the (deeply closeted) Brazilian Boy #3 was a room mate of Sweet Brazilian Boy #1 (who you claim to care about). These are the antics of a teen boy with balls for brains, not a 50 year plus man who should know better. What would you think of someone who did the same kind of thing to your son or daughter?

  6. I'm wearing green today! Green shirt, shorts and undies!
    You should buy a numbering system so you can tell them to take a number!!!
    I can see the line up at your house!!!
    Simple! Invite them both! Kiss the hot kisser while the hot cock sucker worships your dick! Yum! LOL!
    My answer? Simple .... Where is the contract? Are you in a committed relationship to the kisser? You are not an asshole! Just fucking horny! LOL

  7. Three wonderfully hot gifs today -- a real treat. I'm not going to comment too much on the dilemma of the two closeted roommates and you because I've never been in a situation as a mature man hooking up with a late teen or early 20-something. Younger guys for me now are already experienced men who've been around the block and can take care of themselves (and me, fortunately :-) and know how it goes. The possibility exists that some chance remark between the two roommates could unravel the whole situation. In a porno the result would be an immediate, enthusiastic 3-way but this is life, not a Kristen Bjorn fantasy. Do tread carefully.

  8. If Brazilian Boys #1 and #3 are both on Grindr, is it not likely that they know about each other already?

    I have never been in your situation (thank goodness) but discreet disclosure sounds like the better part of valor here. Before you hook up with either Brazilian Boy again maybe it makes sense to let them know that you suspect you have hooked up with somebody you suspect they know (without outing who) and it might be best not to hook up if that makes them uncomfortable?

    If I was in a foreign country and struggling with my sexuality, I don't know whether it would be helpful (because of the companionship) or harmful (because being in a foreign country means anonymity) to know that somebody else in my social circle was gay. I think the campsite rule is well worth considering, in any case.

  9. I knew two fellows too...We all took showers together and enjoyed our nudity together too.......They totally surprised me...... While I was sleeping totally naked they both work on my penis, but it always stay limp......and I never made any comments either on that subject.... Plus I was very care full too.... SO: Please be care full.........Catch you later.......

  10. The two Brazilian boys must have found out about all this! Maybe they read his blog! Buddy Bear has not been on here awhile! I hope he is ok! Or is he having a hot threesome? Ooooh the suspense!

  11. Hi Guy,
    I have not seen you update in a while hope all is well with you and your family. Miss your posts.

  12. Hey everyone! It's been over a week since I've posted or even responded to comments. Sorry about that!

    As to Brazilian Boys #1 and #3, I have done nothing yet about the situation, but rest assured that I will do nothing which will cause them to be hurt. I have talked to BB #3 in person about the existence #1 and I hope to (if possible), speak in person to BB #1.

    I will post when there are any further developments. :-)

  13. Great! Sending some love from the philippines

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