Saturday, March 29, 2014

True Colours

It's been a while since I've done a Too Much Information set of questions by Sean of Just a Jeep guy.  I always enjoy them.  Thanks, Sean!

This is another timed Saturday morning post because I'm on an overnight winter camping trip the pristine wilderness with 25, grade eleven students.  No rest for the wicked!

But, thank goodness, there are cabins for us to sleep in.  And it's around the freezing point and not -25 degrees.

Here are some lovely men in colourful Speedos to drool over.

1. What is your favorite color?  I like many colours but prefer ones which are strong and rich, like my future husband. lol   I usually choose on reds and blues. For clothing,  I invariably wear black shirts (or less often, white) at school or when I go out in the evening . It's an easy choice. 

2. What color are your eyes?
My eyes are hazel, sort of a non-colour which is the hardest eye colour to define:  a muddy mixture of brown, green and blue which varies depending on what I'm wearing.

3. What color is your hair?  I started out with red hair which became very blonde as a child and white-blonde in the summer.  My hair is now quite a dark blonde touched with grey at the temples but it really lightens up in the summer with lots of sun streaks.  They look FABULOUS!

4. What color is your bedroom?  My bedroom has two log walls which were left the natural, dark wood colour.  The two other walls are a deep, rich, medium blue.  I like the colour of natural wood.

5. Which color do you look best in?  I'm a "spring" so I do look good in clear, bright pastels.  But I generally don't wear those colours in favour of black, white, red or blue.

6. Is there a color you never wear?  I never wear yellow which gives me a jaundiced look and rarely pink, except when it is the anti-bullying International Day of Pink at school, which this year is April 9, 2014.  

7. How did you pick the color of your car?  I never pick the colour of my car.  I only buy used cars so I get stuck with whatever colour it comes in, usually a boring silver or beige.  But if I had a choice, I'd pick a red car every time.

8. Are your eyes ever green with envy?  I'd like to say "no";  I never envy other people's cars, houses or material possessions.  But I'll admit, I wish I looked like the fat-cocked, lean-torsoed men I see in the shower every day at my Athletic Complex.  Not a love handle or pot belly to be seen!

9. Do you have a signature color?  I love red best of all and select it every time I have it as a choice:  in towels, kitchen ware and once, I even owned a red car. 

10. How much do you love Cyndi Lauper! 
I have loved her songs, her vibrant personality and her early music videos right from the her beginnings in the early 80s with songs such as Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Time after Time.

But with her open support as "a friend and family of" LGBTQ folk during her True Colors tour, I love her even more.

Gray hair is sexy as a goatee, and on temples touched with grey but never as grey pubes.  Ewww!


  1. Pretty cool answers, timed or not! I'll be camping two weekends in a row with a bunch of cavers. Now there's an uninhibited group of people. I'm hoping to get lucky!

    Peace <3

    1. Good luck on the camping trip. Keep us posted!

  2. Jay, may you score big time!

    My colors are warm earth tones and autumn colors. My favorite is orange, an underappreciated color that has many gorgeous shades, many of them quite subtle. Yellow is not my best color, nor one I trusted during my stage design career, as it is very tricky under stage lights; it can go very acid or wash out entirely if not handled properly.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Will! My mother has auburn hair and looks fabulous in earth tones and autumn colours as you do.

      It was interesting to hear your comments on yellow, coming from a person in theatre.

  3. Not me! Don't give me no stinkin earth tones and drab tints or (worse) grays and black. I want the whole world awash in colour! Why choose beige when there is kelly green and cherry red? It's no coincidence my shirts are how they are! :-)

    1. Dr. Spo, you look FABULOUS in those vibrant colours!

  4. Doesn't he just! But, earth tones are not drab, at least not all of them. Think of the glowing colors of Italian marble, the flame of New England autumns with the sugar maples in Chinese reds and vivid oranges. Earth tones are warm and flattering to skin tones.

    1. they make me look jaundiced ; you keep 'em! they are all yours!

  5. When choosing clothes I always go for dark colours, never flashy bright ones. I really don't think too much into it. I know what I like.

    I own a 3 disc set of Cyndi's music. Change of heart or All through the night are probably my fave songs of hers, but as Sean said he is Cyndi over Madonna,
    I own over 30 Madonna CD's so guess who I chose

    1. Hey Justin! Thanks for commenting! I'm sure you look great in those dark colours.

  6. This is by far one of the top three gay blogsites (IMHO). Love your voice (as in your distinct opinion). Keep it Buddy Bear. Your site really brings much enjoyment in so many ways.

    Mark, the treasure trail

    1. Thanks, Mark! That is high praise indeed! I also love your blog and think of it everytime I'm with a guy with a nice treasure trail.


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