Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dating an "A-list" Gay

Today's post is decorated with pics of some lovely Greek men. In Greece, I found the vast majority of them extremely hot!

I must apologize for not acknowledging the comments on the past several posts.  Blogging on my Smart Phone was a hassle and I had better things to do!   I'll write about some of my Greek adventures but I much prefer blogging "in the moment" rather than from past memories.

As well, free internet access overseas was sketchy at best.  Most of our hotels had a wireless modem similar in size to the one I have at home ... very slow with hundreds of guests trying to check their e-mail all at once!

So... for those who are interested, I've added my comments to the following posts:
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Exhaustion:   I arrived home around 1:30 a.m . on Wednesday and the following three days were some of the most exhausting I'd ever experienced.  In addition to my usual teaching workload, demanding enough by itself, I did the following:
  • an early-morning shift cooking for our Breakfast Club
  • an after-school bus supervision
  • a very busy Parents' night speaking to many hot Daddies ... and their wives
  • hosted an outside speaker for our Gay Straight Alliance in-school meeting
  • brought our Gay Straight Alliance students to a half-day city-wide event
  • went to a staff bowling / drinking / eating party until late on Friday night

Gay Straight Alliance:  On Friday, my school division hosted a half-day brainstorming session for every GSA student and facilitator in the city.  Normally these events are held in a regular classroom or at our Board Office (for free) but most unusually, this meeting was held a fancy hotel complete with catered food.

Our school division is highly supportive of all GSA initiatives.  To demonstrate this, the Director of Education herself popped in to say hello, offer words of encouragement and to ask for the support of the GSA groups to help the division push ahead with various LGBTQ initiatives.  I was very impressed!

The GSA students ranged in age from grade 7 to 12 were all sweet, attractive, open and so excited to be there.  Fresh faces!  Fresh ideas!

In addition to the serious LGBTQ work to be done at our schools, the GSA planned various evening social events were the students and facilitators could get together in a more relaxed environment.  Fun times!

A Serious Date:  On Thursday, I was texted by Lawyer Dude with whom I had a coffee date with last month.  He's a prominent local lawyer;  slim, fairly good-looking, single, well-dressed and funny.

He'd been texting me off-and-on for a month but this time, he asked me out on a date.  We're going to a theatrical production at our local regional playhouse.  Sitting in the staffroom, I exclaimed aloud:  "Oh God!  Not a date!"

My problem is that I am absolutely, utterly, completely NOT ready for a LTR or even for dating.  But I don't have any real reason to say "no" to him either.  He's a nice guy, definitely an "A-list" gay in our town and we had an enjoyable coffee date. 

Like many a divorced person, male or female, I haven't dated for a very long time.  He has paid for our tickets but do I offer to reimburse him?  I certainly would pay for coffee or drinks when we go out after the play.

And are we going to hook up afterwards?  It wouldn't be an ordeal but he lives 45 minutes from my house.... I'd probably be too tired by then.

Now, here is another problem: "What to wear?  What to wear?"   He seemed very elegantly dressed while my wardrobe strays more towards the white trash / thrift shop end of the spectrum.

I settled upon my newest, tightish "gay" jeans, my new black Santorini T-shirt, blazer and black Italian dress shoes.  The last two items are from a thrift shop but, what the heck, they look great.

Wish me luck!


  1. A date... sounds more fun than scary. Just take it for what it is and enjoy yourself.

    I would of loved to help you pick out your outfit... my expertise.

    I look forward to reading about the details. HAVE FUN!!!

    1. Thanks, MAC, I could use a wardrobe advisor for sure!

  2. Ahh, our little Buddy Bear! No don't offer to reimburse the ticket. Graciously accept the gift. Springing for beverages would be a nice gesture. Enjoy yourself.

  3. The date sounds lovely! That's awesome! I hope it goes well. Even if you're not looking for an LTR, going out is good for the soul. I wish I had a date lined up.

    God, I'd love to trade you places as far as the GSA stuff goes. SOOO much farther along in evolution than in our area.

    Peace <3

    1. Yes, it was great to get out. And I'm very proud of my school division and province for their huge support of the GSAs.

  4. I think you'll look just great. There's absolutely no obligation for you not to wear your own style as long as it's clean, neat and shows the goods off to good advantage. If he can't take you as you are, he doesn't deserve you -- but my sense is he can and is interested. Best of luck, have fun!

  5. I think you will find dating to be fun. You might have to get used to the idea of doing something like this without sex following it though. If I remember correctly, you really didn't have much experience in dating before. Maybe this time you can enjoy it more. I know that I have had more fun dating now then I did 40 years ago. Dating doesn't mean LTR is next. It is just more than a hookup. Then of it as your next "one step"

    1. Yes, you are correct. I rarely / never dated as a "straight" young man in my 20s. I expect my experience to be the same as yours and plan to enjoy my dating enormously, just like I've enjoyed everything else on my gay journey.

  6. YAYZ for you! enjoy yourself, no promises, no demands. :)

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