Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rude awakening

An Athenian policeman:  young, tight-trousered and utterly gorgeous!

I still haven't had the opportunity for a proper post since returning from our glorious adventures in Turkey and Greece.  After some 25 hours of travel (including several lengthy stopovers), I artived home at 2:00 a.m.

On the first day back, I was at school at 8:30 a.m. for my Breakfast Club volunteer work, followed by a full day of teaching,  hosting an outside speaker for our lunch time GSA meeting and ending with my after-school supervision at the bus loading area.  Whew!

The latter was a challenge due to a dump of wet snow.... irresistible snowball throwing weather for all the goofy boys!

Today is another busy day as I'm heading to a 7:30 a.m. diversity breakfast hosted by a local LGBTQ organization.   Our school division purchased a table of tickets and as the Gay Poster Boy, I always get invited.

After breakfast, a full day of teaching will be followed by Parent's Night for which I am, to put it mildly, ill-prepared.  I barely know the names of some of my students especially from my huge grade 9 class with their shrieking little voices, let alone a solid mark.

But I am a veteran of over forty Parents' Nights so I am confident it will go well.  I'll focus on the students' behaviour, learning skills and attitude and put off the pushy, marks-obsessed  parents.

My professionalism, charm and charisma will win the day!   lol

I am also very much looking forward to meeting my youngest crop of Hot Daddies ever, some as young as their mid-thirties.

However, I constantly worry about this Parent's Night scenario:   a sexy Daddy shows up for an interview,  lumpy little wife in tow, and he turns out to be someone I hooked up with.  Awkward!


  1. I hope you had some time to recharge after your trip before heading back to work. I know how exhausting traveling can be.

    BTW - The pic of the cop.. WOW! That ass... high and tight!

    1. I had no time at all to recharge.... I was at school about six hours after I arrived home at 2:00 a.m! But I slept most of the flight from Frankfurt to Athens (thanks to two Sleep-Eeze" pills so I wasn't TOTALLY exhausted!

      I love the comment "High and tight!" Too funny!

  2. "My professionalism, charm and charisma will win the day!"
    Of that I have no doubt whatsoever. However whoever makes these school schedules should understand that the day after the return of jet-lagged faculty chaperones isn't exactly the most considerate time to plan something like Parent Night.

    1. Will: Our administration doesn't care! Anyway, the Parents' Night dates are set months in advance and it is a contractual obligation of teachers to attend.

  3. If that scenario should happen: Remember, the hunky dad (with the lumpy wife in tow) will feel awkward, too. Smile big, give him a warm handshake, and get down to the business of the school work. He'll appreciate it. (And, if you ever hook up again, he might show you how much!)

  4. Wish you could have had some adventures during your travels! Is it evil of me to hope for a few awkward moments? =]

    1. Sean, you know me. There were plenty of awkward gay moments! I just didn't get to have a Greek cock in my mouth any any point. Darn!

  5. After 2 years of being out, I actually had my first "public" encounter with a hook up. It was at his job. We both acted like it was our first time meeting. I couldn't help but laugh afterwards.

  6. Man, I was in a high school all afternoon, and the 9th graders just look so YOUNG and LITTLE and their VOICES are so SHRIEKY! I must be getting OLD! ARGH!

    We've actually had some decent weather (a bit wet earlier in the week, but warmer) and today was GORGEOUS!

    Glad you're back safe and sound! (With all 54!)

    Peace <3

    1. You got it exactly right with the little grade niners; some of the pre-pubescent boys especially are so tiny!


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