Sunday, March 16, 2014

A non-post

I'm sorry for the lack of posting, dudes and dudettes, but I've had virtually no affordable internet access (or time) for many days.   I'm presently cruising the Greek Islands having had a fantastic time visiting Turkey, Athens,  Delphi etc.   Adventures and hot men galore but only to look at.  :-(

OMFG!  Life-changing experience!
Hot and well-dressed sidewalk cafe dudes on Crete.


  1. I remember that from almost the moment I set foot in the sacred precinct of Delphi, I felt immediately at home, as if this where I, as a gay man, belonged. The naked statues of Apollo surely supported this feeling but it was long before I encountered them on the site that I was overcome by this feeling.

    A friend of mine told me this story about his visit to Delphi: He walked down to the stone wall at the edge of the cliff just to take in the magnificent vista. A Greek man walked down right to the edge a little to my friend's right, unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock and masturbated, shooting his load over the wall into the abyss. Then he shook the residue off his cock, zipped up, turned to my friend, smiled and nodded, turned around and walked back up to the main temple site. There's SOMETHING about Delphi!

    1. I LOVED Delphi! Just fantastic!

      It was obvious that the ancient Greeks celebrated man-on-man love and even worshipped young men (ie: boys) as objects of perfect beauty. The whole idea of homosexuality being evil or deviant was invented much later.

      One only need look at the ancient Greek states of naked men to see that they worshipped the male form as much as we gay men to today! lol

      That masturbation story was amazing. Too funny!

  2. We are patient! Glad it's all going well, BB! I am sure this is the trip of a lifetime for you and your students!

    Peace <3

  3. Just have a great time Buddy.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. Yes, I enjoyed every moment of our trip.

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