Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's so hard!

OHHH!....IT'S SO HARD!    This is another great "Too Much Information" set of questions by Sean of Just a Jeep Guy.  Today's pics came from the tumblr site: Dick 'n Shorts.

1. Which class was the hardest in high school?  I hated phys. ed. because I sucked at all team sports although I was and am very good at individual sports. I was always the last to be picked for every team.

But for some unknown reason, I took phys. ed when I didn't have to throughout all the years of high school.

2. Which is harder - house work or yard work?  I love yard work and never tire of being outdoors.  Other than cooking and cleaning the kitchen, I don't do much housework.  In fact, I haven't owned a working vacuum in the past two years!  This is not a thing to brag about, I know.

3. Which is the hardest household chore?  I find ironing tiresome.  In fact, I probably haven't ironed in about ten years and now only use my iron to wax my cross-country skis.  As a result, I look like a wrinkled, hot mess much of the time.

4. Which is harder, eating right or exercising?
  I get a great deal of daily exercise doing things which are fun;  it's effortless!  I love all types of food and sweets in particular, so eating right is difficult.

5. Which is harder, waking up early or staying up late?  I'm very much an early bird and am at my most productive in the early morning.  I rarely stay up past 11:00 pm. 

6. Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear? I usually give little thought to which of my thrift shop finds I put on;  again, this is nothing to brag about. I just jump into my clothes and discover at school, hours later, that I'm wearing my shirt inside out or forgot to put on underwear.

But as part of my gay evolution, I am trying to look less sloppy.  I try very hard to give some thought to how I put myself together and now wear things which are tighter, brighter and more hip.

7. Which is harder, your ass or your abs? Which would you rather?  My ass has proved to be my biggest attraction for gay guys, both online and in real life. I wouldn't change it in any way.  But my belly is becoming more and more flabby.  Hard abs are the most difficult thing for men to achieve, gay or otherwise.

8. It is harder to wade slowly into a body of water or to just jump in?   The water in front of my home is frigid all the time, at least when it's not covered with ice.  The only way to deal with it is to jump right in.

9. How hard is it for you to make decisions? 
Not hard at all!  I'm extremely decisive but I give a great deal of thought and research before any decision is made.

10. What's the hardest decision you ever had to make?  After eight years of working as an engineer, I quit my job to return to university to train as a teacher.  The teaching job market was extremely tight and I didn't even truly believe that I could do the job.  I felt that I was taking a huge risk in leaving my career behind.

I was newly married at the time and I was able to make this hard decision only with the support, both emotional and financial, of my new wife.  There, I said something very positive about my ex-wife!

Have you ever taken Viagra or similar drug when you didn't need it? 
I've never taken Viagra or Cialis but I am thinking about asking my doctor for a prescription the next time I see her.  Awkward!

At 51.5 years old and with my ambivalence towards topping, I sometimes feel that I could use a bit of "lift" but only when faced with a yearning bottom.


  1. Funny, the Viagra question right beside the gif of the guys wiggling his hot buns. I would not need it then. LOL. I admit I take it sometimes, usually a friend will give me one. I only take 1/16 th of the pill or less as I do not need much for a lift. But it's fun walking around the baths with an erection. ��

    1. 1/16 of a pill? That's interesting! That's probably all that I would need as well, and only for topping when I wasn't completely into it.

  2. "forgot to put on underwear" - you say that like it's a bad thing! ;-)

    1. Funny girl! I seem to remember that you don't wear underwear, preferring to 'let it all hang out?' Or am I wrong in that?

      I prefer to wear underwear at school because I am scrutinized at all times by my students.... you never know when a wardrobe failure could occur!

    2. nope, you are NOT wrong; let the good times roll and let it all hang out!

  3. Boy, I can identify with a lot of these! Last for teams (and HATED PE with a passion, though I loved the showers afterwards), housework sucks (I use a shop-vac to vacuum), I wear what is comfortable, and professional to work - jeans the rest of the time. And while I haven't forgotten the underwear, I have worn a shirt (or two) inside out!

    Cool answers!

    Peace <3

  4. I thought about you when I read this article, especially that part about the gym showers. Enjoy!

  5. I had to laugh. I NEVER enjoyed team sports. I always found that when the team did bad, they always seemed to blame the same poor shmuck. Speaking as a pharmacist I have to say, Cialis daily is the way to go. Here in the states, it actually is cheaper if you have sex more than 4 times a month. The thing I really like is it is more like when you were younger. Always ready for what comes "up". Contrary to what some think, it does NOT cause erections. It allows them. Pfizer made a huge error IMHO by not marketing it as a daily medication. Insurance would have been more likely to cover it under those parameters. And Pfizer could have charged less and made more. Now Cialis has the indication for BPH which means it will be covered by more insurance programs. Probably not an issue in Canada though I imagine.

  6. Hey skier, thanks for all the medical info! A question: I take several meds for high blood pressure. Does that disqualify me from using Cialis or Viagra?

  7. Probably not a problem. If you like send me a list and I can give you a more definitive answer. Thankfully Canadian meds aren't too different from here.

  8. I hated phys Ed also. I wanna see that ass. Lol.

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