Friday, June 22, 2012

Furry Friday

The title is an unabashed rip-off from that sweet and handsome blogger, BosGuy  Any excuse to post pics of lovely, hairy men.   Hairy legs, chests, treasure trails;  I love them all!... that is, everything except back hair.  These pics are from

So far, my slut phase shows no signs of slowing down.  This week, I had another first-time experience .....   having sex with my hair stylist, standing up in the salon's storage room amongst the mops and cleaning supplies.   But surely my blog readers are getting tired about hearing about my escapades.... no one wants to hear about that!  For a change of pace, how about a few random personal developments?

  1. Today, we signed the papers giving me full title to my waterfront home, in five days!   Woo-hoo!   This after many, many months of stress, blackmail, roadblocks and oppositional behaviour... I seriously doubted that this day would ever come.
  2. My wife retires in seven days after a 35-year career.  Her friends and I are hoping that by leaving her highly stressful job, she will begin to regain some measure of emotional and mental stability.
  3. Although we haven't yet filed for divorce (soon!), I will  begin spousal support payments of $1,000 per month in July for a seven year period.  This is in addition to my new mortgage, acquired to buy my wife out of her share in this house and also helping my daughters out a little bit with their university tuition.   I'll have to watch my 'cash flow' very carefully!
  4. Recently, our best friend (to both my wife and I) fancifully described my wife's present feelings towards me as a "deep core of buried anger surrounded by a thick mantle of love, with a thin veneer of irrational hatred."  Wow!  How can you tell she's an English teacher?
  5. My 15.5 year old son continues to live with me full-time and still has no contact with his mother.   Their feelings about each other have become more entrenched, if anything.   To retrieve items from his old bedroom, he goes to her house during his school lunch breaks to avoid face-to-face contact.   It breaks my heart to receive sweet phone calls from my wife, asking, "So how is _____ doing?"
  6. The relationship between my son and I seems to be getter stronger and stronger with an underlying respect and fondness.  But him living with me has wreaked havoc on my ability to host all the hot men who want to do the nasty with me.  This includes my Special Guy who I haven't been with in four weeks.  Oh well... something will work out!


  1. I assume your son knows you're gay and has possibly -- probably? -- met your Special Guy? I ask because at some point you have a right, after the dust of the immediate separation upheaval has settled, to establish your own normal again, to resume a normal life.

    In conventional families, children in their teenage years understand that their parents sleep together and are having sex in their bedroom. Is the fact that you have new partner who might sometimes come to spend the night with you a reality your son can, or could come to, accept?

    When I met Fritz, my older daughter was starting junior year in college, my younger was a freshman. When they came home for various holidays or breaks, it was often the four of us in the house and everything worked fine. They liked him immediately and were just happy I had finally found someone sane and kind to me after the abuse my ex had thrown at the three of us.

    As for the guys you get together with from internet hooks, I think (and I'm pretty sure you think) those should be away from the house encounters. But if Special Guy is going to be an important and continuing part of your life, I think the family and he need to know and be comfortable with each other.

  2. anne marie in phillyJune 22, 2012 at 9:34 PM

    the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together for you - congrats!

    as for the hairy guys - OOOOOH LA LA! :)

  3. Good news on the house front! I'm sure that having that squared all away will help relieve some stress (that I know you handle pretty well anyway) and let you focus even more on moving forward. :)

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone! Yes, I can feel the stress shedding away with a relaxed, normal life within reach. The key development is acquiring full unqualified title to my home which is also a very valuable piece of real estate.

    Will: you've raised some very valuable points which deserve a post of their own. Hookups versus potential LTR. I did come out to the kids last year as I posted here here and my daughters for sure know about my special guy...

    1. Hi Buddy, I have a new special guy. Well, we have been out a few times and things are progressing nicely. Anyway, I have spent time over at his house and his 21 yo son is there. He and I get along great. I think he could have a nice career as an example of how to deal with your gay parent. We are of course respectful but he joins us for television and we are snuggled up on the couch. He knows I make his dad happy and is very glad I do. From your descriptions of the kids, I think they would be like that or Will's kids. I expect my own daughter would be. She says she would anyway.
      You have been able to discuss a great many things with these amazing children of yours, maybe it is time to have that discussion. Who knows, your son may feel knowing you are happy will allow him to have contact with him mom, knowning that there are two people he can talk to afterwards if needed. Just a thought, you know I wish you the best.

  5. Who says we don't want to hear about the sex capades???
    Some of us live vicariously thru your adventures!!

    1. Here Here.
      That would make an interesting poll. I can predict with 90% confidence the outcome.

    2. I just threw "getting tired about hearing about my escapades" out there as a teaser! I have no intention of NOT sharing stories!!

      This week, I've chatted with or met in person my 36 year old hottie hair stylist, the 28 year old cub who I'm meeting this afternoon, the 23 year old curious athlete who messaged me a minute ago, the 21 year old Hispanic guy who wants to spend the night, the 45 year old divorced father of four who wants me to come over, the 24 year old who wants to suck my cock .... and that's not all.

      Many of these won't pan out, but frankly, I'm swamped with offers! It must be the warmer weather which is making guys horny. So many men, so little time!!


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