Friday, June 8, 2012

Manly-men in jockstraps

My daughter's grade 12 graduation last night was to have been the first time my parents and my wife had a face-to-face encounter in over a year.  I was pretty tense because my wife told me before the event,  "Well! ..... when I see your parents I'm going to tell them off!!   Your parents think that I'm after their money!!!"    Hmmm .... Do you think maybe that's because you are after their money?

 Right from the beginning of our marriage, my wife caused a series of conflicts with my parents and siblings which created a much tension at family gatherings;   I was constantly stuck in the middle.   As a result, we saw less and less of them.

It didn't help that she came across to them as being greedy, "That's a nice lamp .... can I have it?"  So when I told my parents last October that my wife, their daughter-in-law-from-hell, was demanding half of my future inheritance when they died (+10 years from now?), that was the last straw.   They were forced to take legal steps to protect their assets, basically by disinheriting me.

As my mother and I walked into the auditorium lobby, sure enough, my wife was sitting right in front of us with my mother-in-law.   She turned to face the other way to avoid contact with us.  My mother and I walked on by.  My father, following behind us (who is a very classy guy), greeted them warmly, gave my M-I-L a hug and shook my wife's hand before she could take evasive action.

After the ceremony, families gathered in the lobby for pictures with their graduating sons and daughters.   My daughter was hoping for one pic with both her parents but it wasn't to be.   When my wife spotted us, she ran away and  remained in hiding until we left the building.   She's always been a coward!

ps:    One unexpected bonus of my marriage breakdown has been a rebuilding of the relationship between my parents and me.  Now, we talk on the phone daily and see each other many times a week.  They feel free to pop over any time they want.... although I hope that this doesn't happen if / when I am "entertaining" a man friend.


  1. I really feel for you. At least with my ex-wife we agreed to keep our inheritances out of it. (Both sets of parents had already died) And your dad certainly was the classy one there.

    Glad you still have both parents and you can improve your relations with them now with the ex out of the picture.

    1. Actually, the separation agreement which we did last week contains a "reciprocal agreement" in which neither of us will go after the other's inheritance.

      My wife received her inheritance two years ago. Although it is technically half mine, I have waived my right to it.

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