Saturday, June 9, 2012

"Curious" guys

Love the package!  Wish he didn't shave / wax his legs!
This week on, I've been messaged by six guys who've never been with a man but would like to try it, or so they say.  That's a deluge of messages because in some weeks, I don't get a single one.  I think they're attracted to my profile because of my relative inexperience with men.  I probably seem "safe" to them, a nice guy which in fact, I am.

I've chatted at length with with these three and all seemed like nice Canadian guys.... extremely appealing.  Bring on the fit blue-collared guys with great hands!
  • friendly male, 51, 6' 1" about 195 lbs, longish wavy brown hair, I'm a carpenter, rugged good looks
  • 31 year old construction worker, athletic body type, I like playing sports, going to the gym, camping and fishing
  • 25 year old heavy equipment mechanic, I am an easy going, fun, hard working guy.  (and also gorgeous... from his profile pics)  
The 51 year old (divorced) carpenter was "tingling with excitement" just chatting with a me, he said.  I'm feeling optimistic about this sexy carpenter!  He can host but lives some 30 miles away so the logistics pose a problem.

The 31 year old said he "picked me" for his first M2M experience, but after weeks of chatting, off and on, he keeps flaking out.  He's just not ready for the next step so I'm not holding my breath about this one.

The handsome 25 year old described me as his "last chance" to have a positive experience with a guy.   He has had several not-so-great experiences with guys and was ready to give up.  I disputed the " last chance" comment, saying that there were so many great guys out there, just waiting for him to find them.   He was actively planning our first hookup but last week, I just wasn't available.  I hope I didn't let this one  get away!

More often than not, these 'gay virgins' flake out in the end but I'm finding 'the hunt', the online flirting, a pleasant diversion.

Here's the back of my house which is actually facing the street.  What we call the front of the house faces the water.  It can best be described as "rambling"... this pic only shows a small part of it.


  1. Love the orange bulge!

  2. Nice house - and on the lake too! Enjoy the summer; it is all too brief up there. And good luck with the guys. And nothing against the young guys but sometimes they don't really know what they want, so I'm betting on the 51 yo...

    1. I agree!... I`m finding the 20somethings pretty unreliable.

  3. I think these guys are more about being wanted/desired than actually consummating anything.

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