Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blindfolded sex, part II

I've received numerous comments and e-mails about my blindfolded encouter with  Hottie Student.  The  consensus:  too risky!  They wouldn't have done it! 

I am glad you felt comfortable going in and it wasn't some weirdo or people trying to beat up the fag. Another guy I know went to to a guy's house only to be greeted by three guys who wanted a piece of him...and not in a good way.   Stay safe my friend. I am truly glad it worked out well. Maybe even a wee jealous???? 

Another online friend said:
Well it is definitely one for the sex book! The experience is rather titillating but I am not sure I would be comfortable with the blindfold thing.  Not entirely sure I would do it with someone I did not know. Ya gots balls my friend!

 Perhaps naively, I had no safety concerns about our encounter.  None!  Online, Hottie Student seemed to be the sweetest, most polite young man ever.

As promised, the back door of the apartment complex was propped open (with a beer bottle!) and on his doorknob was a torn t-shirt blindfold, which I put on.  At my knock, he grabbed me by the hand and with his other hand around my waist, guided me to the couch.  This simple physical contact was so intensely erotic, giving up control to this nervous young man.   I instantly got hard as a rock.

He was freshly showered and sweet-smelling.  With permission, I ran my hands all over his hair, face, torso, ass and package so I could "see" what he looked like.  Coarse hair sticking up, slim, toned, about one inch shorter than me, firm chin, nice nose, flat belly but no abs and an amazing bubble butt.  A flawless body and I so longed to see what he looked like!!   But I had agreed to the blindfold and that was that.

He said, "I just don't see myself kissing a guy, but you can kiss me everywhere else."

It was so weird, a hookup without kissing on the lips!   I kissed and licked my way down the sides of his neck, ears, shoulders, pits and nips.  He started to moan and catch his breath the farther south I went. I gradually peeled off his baggy t-shirt and saggy jeans worn with no underwear.  He peeled off my clothes and I reached down to feel his amazing bubble butt with deep hollows on the sides of the cheeks.   For the first time ever, I had an insane desire to bury my face between a man's butt cheeks but resisted.

He gasped when I took a firm grasp of his perfect hard cock.  How I wished I could see it for real!  His cock was slim but long, cut, and beautifully smooth with a nice mushroom head.   I licked my way up his inner thighs and he groaned out loud as I took his low hanging balls into my mouth, one at a time.   (a first for me!)   I took his cock in my mouth and slowly, slowly worked my way down it until the end of it jammed against the back of my mouth;  a perfect length!   The moaning continued.

I had an intense longing to kiss his lips but that wasn't possible.  I tried to drag our encounter out as long as possible, so slowly, slowly, I alternate between his nips, torso and taking his cock in my mouth and hand.  He gasped again when I applied silicone lube to his cock and balls and ran my hands all over his smooth body.  "That's going to make me come!!"  Twice, my hand ventured to his asscrack but he pulled it away.  He didn't want me touching him there.  Darn!!

At one point, he got very brave and gave me a brief hand job.  As soon as he grasped my cock, his cock went from hard to REALLY HARD.   That proved to me that yes, he really was attracted to men.  He asked timidly, "Did that feel all right?"

After about 25 minutes, he said, "I'm going to cum!!" and I took his entire cock firmly in my mouth as it throbbed and throbbed.  OMFG it seemed to go on forever!   I held his cock in my mouth for a long while after it finished throbbing and then I slowly withdrew, applying as much pressure with my lips as I could.   I spit out into a cum rag which I brought.

We cuddled briefly afterwards, with my head on his chest and my hand cupping his perfect cock and balls.  Since I could not look into his eyes, the emotional connection just wasn't there for me so I said that I should go.  He handed me my sexy underwear and my other clothes which were inside-out and scattered everywhere.  We laughed when I tried to put on his saggy-assed jeans.  It seemed so unreal.... this beautiful 25 year old helping me get dressed.  Too funny!  We chatted:

Buddy Bear:  "Have you ever had sex with a woman?" 
Hottie Student:  "Oh, lots!"  
BB:  "Do you fantasize about guys when you're having sex with a woman?"
Hottie Student:  "No, never."
BB:   After today, do you still think you're attracted to guys?"
Hottie Student:   "Maybe... I really don't know!  I will have to think about it but if I decide to try it again with a guy, I will definitely call you!

He lead me to the door where I requested one last hug.  We held each other hard and I ran my hands down his chest, abs and grasped his beautiful ass.   In the hallway, I hung the blindfold on his doorknob and smiled all the way home.

ps.    I send him a message on POF thanking him for our adventure and wishing him all the best in his journey.   He hasn't logged onto his profile for the past four days;  but I'm thinking hoping that I just might hear from him again.


  1. Talk about anonymous sex. He'll be back. It might be a while (or tomorrow) but he'll be back.

    Good for you!

  2. Not so vanilla any more and you are on a slippery slope - a very fun, slippery slope.

  3. Buddy, like you I wouldn't have given it a second though about the safety thing.

    I know it's being a little naive, but you and I didn't get to where we are without a little bit of common sense.

    But, since some of people brought it up, I guess it's good just to be aware that bad shit sometimes happens. I'm glad it didn't happen to you.

    I loved your tale, and envy you. I hope he overcomes his shyness and gives you another shot.

  4. Thanks for commenting, guys! I'm not planning on making a habit of this blindfolded thing, but for that situation, it felt right.

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