Monday, June 4, 2012

Pride 2012

Kelly of Rambling along in Life has an annual Pride Challenge:  his pic of the Pride flag will be posted to right for the month of June.

Last year, my little town had it's first ever week-long Pride celebration including a small LGBTQ film festival, a 'drag queen' night and a day-long family Pride picnic at the local waterfront park.  It was a huge success and promises to be even better this year.  

Please check out my posts about last year's event, here and here.     I find some of my old posts quite embarrassing, but these ones hold up well.  Last year, I could only attend the picnic for about 30 minutes due to a very serious spinal condition which I was recovering from. 

At last year`s Pride, I was a newbie middle-aged gay guy.   I had been 'out' to my family (and myself) for just five months and was the ultimate in gay virgins.... had never kissed or hugged a guy, much less had a cock in my mouth.  Not only had I not done any of these things, I couldn't even imagine being with a guy.

Boy, what a difference a year makes!  I have a million times more confidence in my skills and desirability as a gay man. In the past nine months, I've have quite a bit of experience in kissing guys and sucking cock and know that I'm good at it.  Damn good, in fact!   And the more sex I have with men, I find myself craving it more and more.

I hope to attend ALL of this year`s Pride events.   I will know a number of people there but most likely I will attend by myself.  I have no problem at all doing this;  in fact, I find being solo frees me up to strike up conversations with any random person I feel like.

What I`d REALLY, REALLY like to do is to attend a major Pride event such as the one in Toronto.   Since my son is living with me full time, the arrangements may be a bit difficult, unless I get one of his sisters to `hold down the fort.`   There's also the money issue, as is "lack of..."  We`ll see.....


  1. That guy in the top photo is, for me, a 5-star hottie!

  2. NEVER be embarrassed by your earlier posts. They really show how far you have come in such a short time. I can so relate to your going to gay pride! I will be going for my first time this Sept. And I can hardly wait!

  3. Man, if you want to experience Toronto's Pride, start planning for next year today! Put the money aside! Strategise!

    We went up in 2009. Our friends found us crash space in Victoria College. It was a lot less than any Hotel, and we got breakfast in Hall.

    Headquartered at their apartment at Church and Alexander, we could see the party for blocks in several directions and found a lot of action to seek out on the ground. It was the biggest, loudest, most joyful block party I've ever attended.

    While we went back in 2010, we missed the Parade because of the G10 conference. In 2011, we had graduation.

    1. Thanks for the excellent Toronto Pride advice!

  4. We have no Pride events here in New Hampshire. Fritz was involved in starting a Pride Parade and other events many years ago but there was a failure of continuing leadership. We have to go to Boston if we want to join in. You're fortunate to have something where you live, and best wishes for making it to Toronto next year -- do start a fund now!

  5. Pride in Toronto is fun. I've marched in the parade under a number of banners (with Liberals last time, I believe). It's always a good time. Though there have been years we have just wanted a quiet weekend and went to Stratford (we live on the parade route). I think you should give Toronto Pride a try at least once :)

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