Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sex with a Blindfold

But I was wearing the blindfold, giving a Hottie Student a BJ.
Nearly a year ago, a commenter suggested that I was making up the story of my encounter with Hottie Nurse  That account was 100% factual but last night I had an encounter which was even more unbelievable.

A 25 year old university student messaged me, "What are you looking for?"   He told me that he'd been with lots of woman but wondered what it would be like with a guy.  He'd been thinking a lot about it recently and needed to experience it.  He said that he wouldn't kiss a guy right now or give a bj.

I told him what I was looking for, what I looked like and what I could offer him sexually.   He liked what I had to say, clearly and said he wanted to meet....  immediately!  No waiting!! 

Hottie Student:  "well, i can host, but i have just moved in so theres not much in my apt yet, couch, otoman, no cable but a few movies, i live by ________, in _________ place, would you be able to travel there?? "   (The apartment was in a very nice area of town, within sight of the local university.)

Buddy Bear:  "I can be there in 25 minutes.  Do you think I care what your furniture looks like?  For an old fart like me to hook up with a handsome young man half my age... it's the hottest thing ever!!"

Hottie Student:   LOL.   what do you feel about a blindfold

Buddy Bear:   What did you mean by that?  Do you want me to come into your apartment wearing a blindfold?   Why?

Hottie Student:  I dont want anyone know that I was trying out being with a guy.  I dont want you to see what I look like.  but im a handsome guy.  LOL you can look at anyone my body type and think it could have been me....
Buddy Bear...... I might agree to that.  Will there be anyone else there?  (I was wondering if it was some sort of an ambush or there would be someone there secretly filming)

He LOL'd again and said that no one would be there, he wants NO ONE to know about his  experimenting with guys.

Buddy Bear:   Hot!  I'm in!!!   So, how will we do this?

Hottie Student:  so when you come up to the building drive around back and park in the first visitor parking, the steel door will be propped open, go to the third floor, apt 316, the blindfold will be on the door, give it as knock and ill let you in....... cant wait to feel it! bring condom if you feel safer, but i am very clean

To be continued on Friday's post... and yes, it was the sweetest, most unusual encounter ever!


  1. I'm glad you didn't keep him waiting as long as you're keeping us!

  2. that he's had a good time, the next time he can wear a ski mask or halloween mask or LEATER mask so you can see his body but not his face.

  3. I have to admit this is not something that I wish had ever happened to me, because sight is important to me in sex every bit as much as touch, smell, taste and sound. But I'm looking forward to the next installment because I like the idea, at this now skilled and confident stage of your sexual development, of you being the mentor and the one to bring a boy out.

  4. I never thought in a million years that I'd ever be naked and blinded folded with a stranger. But it was a very unique and mind-blowing encounter. He was a sweet, easy-going young man with a fantastic body and beautiful cock and balls. I could tell that, even with my blindfold on!

    There may not be a "round two" because he is very unsure about whether or not he actually is attracted to men. I have no doubt that he is, based on his sexual responses during our encounter, especially when he started giving me a hand job.

    1. Unsure! Of course he is. How many of us here were still unsure even AFTER sex with men! It is how we fool ourselves for so long. It isn't a matter of being sure, it is a matter of accepting it. We don't want to accept it. And that is a shame really. Why should it be such a hard thing to accept. I really hope we are ending that soon. If you like guys so what. I can admit that even now, I have times when I am not sure I accept it fully. Guess I'm a work in progress. But at least I am progressing.

    2. First time I had sex with a man after some years with women, it was like the sky clearing after a storm. I felt relaxed, I felt GOOD, I felt like I was home.

  5. "bring condom if you feel safer, but i am very clean". WTF? People still say this nonsense? Especially people trolling for near-anonymous hookups? At least he let you bring a condom.

  6. I'm thinking this is not a wise scenario and I would not have done it.

  7. Sounds a bit kinky and very interesting. Not sure I would have had the gumption to go into an apartment with a stranger blindfolded but I cannot deny I enjoyed reading about it.

  8. anne marie in phillyJune 22, 2012 at 9:44 PM

    blindfolds heighten the experience; I may or may not have had an encounter with a blindfold in place. tee hee!

  9. Maybe he's famous and needed to keep it on the down low. Could it be Justin Bieber?

    1. I wish it was Justin Bieber! I'd want to be his 'baby mama' and then cash in on his millions. Anyway, this guy was way taller than Beiber and his hair was all wrong.... shorter and coarser. I'd recognize that Bieber 'do anywhere, blindfold or not.


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