Monday, March 19, 2012

Reckless Behaviour Part II

I missed the boat on a St. Patrick's day post, but I hope these guys in green will make up for it.

Here's one more story to complete Saturday's "Reckless Behaviour" post. 

Last month, I was messaged on and later chatted with a nice married guy about my age.  His profile listed "a few extra pounds."  I asked him, "How many extra pounds?"   "Oh, about 100 pounds ... I hope that isn't a problem?"

That was a a problem, in fact.  I'm somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I stopped responding to his messages and chat requests.  I have so many attractive guys of all ages wanting to hook up with me that I'm becoming more and more selective.   I don't need to hook up with someone I find extremely unattractive. 

He became very persistent, even needy, and sent numerous messages in the weeks that followed, all of which I ignored.  At this point, I hadn't revealed any personal details to him such as as name, job, photos or number of children;  I was a complete stranger to him.

Finally, in desperation (I think),  he sent me six full-body naked pics of himself, his face clearly visible.   Doggie-style with ass cheeks spread, open-crotch shots.... the works.  OMFG!!!   Forget the 100 extra pounds, he had to weigh 400 pounds at least.... morbidly obese.     The pics are so gross, I wouldn't sully my blog by posting one..... that image would be burned onto your retina forever. 

A few other things to mention:
  1. I know him professionally as he chaired a committee of which I was a member for about a year.  He thought he was sending his nekkid pics to a total stranger.  Wrong!
  2. He is married and has two older teenage kids.
  3. He has been elected for public office for several terms in our small community.  No, he's not the mayor, but his job is a fairly high profile one.
  4. He serves on a number of "do-gooder" charity boards.
What the f*ck he thinking?  Nekkid pictures that shouldn't even exist for someone in his position, let alone be e-mailed all over the internet.


    1. It wasn't like you were going to marry him but you should have said not interested. However, if you are going to be a true slut, you shouldn't have standards. Sluts with standards are promiscuous. LOL. So maybe this is your Promiscuous stage.

      I was in a relationship were he had a bad back and couldn't bike, run, ski or play tennis all things that were a major part of my life. It strained the relationship bc he didn't like me being away from him. He tried to be controlling. We all have things we need from our loves, fantasies and hookups. Being in reasonable shape is not unreasonable.

      1. Thanks for clarifying that for me! I don't think I am hooking up with enough guys to be considered "promiscuous", really. I turn down far more hook up opportunities than I accept, mainly due to the fact that I'm not available.

    2. Oh Buddy Bear, you are a good soul. Thanks for not posting a pic.

      I'm with you. What the heck was that guy thinking, especially if he valued his position in society? I wonder if I would have been so magnanimous.

      I like to think I would.

      As I am far from perfect, and often get turned down, because I'm "not young enough" or "not handsome enough" or my dick is "not big enough" I have to live with that, because these are the card I have been dealt.

      Often I wonder about the other guys, who have challenges in the hook up world, because of age, weight, height or beauty, who find it difficult, or even impossible to get laid. It's hard not to have empathy for guys like you described.

      Obviously, he is so desperate he was willing to risk being exposed. Hopefully this wasn't a cry for exposure, because he lacks the courage to come out on his own.

      In any case, your story is cause for thought. I'm sure the subject of your post isn't interested in my pity, but nonetheless, he has it.

      This story also makes me grateful for what I have, whether I deserve it or not.

      1. He's actually an elected trustee with our school district.... that makes his behaviour seem worse, somehow. He is also pursuing my special guy with the same sort of harassing-type tactics. Sad situation!

    3. Seems like your online stalker has a desire to be discovered if he's so forthright with such personal images. You need not apologize for your reticence and I think most would agree that attraction needs to be mutual if there is going to be anything satisfactory about the experience.

      Just my two cents.


    4. Let's just hope he's not reading your blog...otherwise he might recognize himself in this description...and maybe you?

    5. Tell him to stop contacting you. Don't be coy, but also don't be rude.

    6. Sometimes being "desperately horny" will make you do stupid things. Really stupid things. This seems like such a case.

    7. BosGuy: I hadn't thought of that! I've heard of closeted married men who seem to want to be "accidentally" caught by their wives.

      Sunne: so far, there hasn't been a single hit from my town reading my blog, except myself of course. So, I have no worries there.

      Cubby: he has stopped trying to contact me. My special guy made the mistake of responding every now and then to "Big Guy" (as we call him.) He continues to receive messages and chat requests.

      RB: Excellent point! I think that "desperate" is a good way to describe him.


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