Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hot young husbands

Here are some more hot guys and cute dogs for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.  All pics are from

After listing my house privately for nearly five months, I accepted a decent offer several weeks ago.  By listing privately, we were able to save over $20,000 in realtor commissions... bonus!   The sale is now rapidly approaching closing as both the buyer and seller are highly motivated.   Finally, I can move on with my exciting new life!

The sale took a very long time in our booming local real estate market.  Listing with a realtor would have reached a wider market of potential buyers, for sure.  Ours was a semi-rural, "higher-end" home.  At nearly twice the price of an average home in town, it was too expensive for most potential buyers and many don't want to live out in the country.

Since we put the house up for sale quite abruptly, there was no time or money to "freshen it up", to paint and make basic repairs. The house was looking a little worn out, having raised three teenagers and many dogs here.  It 's also harder to sell a house when the yard is buried in snow.

Although selling the house privately was a huge hassle, there were compensations.  While showing the house to many dozens of couples in their 20s and 30s, I was able to obsess over admire at close range all the hottie husbands. 

Every one of the sweet young husbands was attractive in some way and many were just smokin' hot, just exuding masculinity.   It was their age which was the most appealing to me, I think.  While showing some lumpy little wife the joys of the kitchen cabinetry, I'd be constantly distracted by her sexy husband who invariably filled out his jeans so deliciously, front and rear.   It didn't matter whether they were slim, scruffy, bearish or muscular... I'd do any one of them in a second.

Now that I am having regular sex, I had this idea my obsession with men would somehow diminish.  Not true!  In fact, I'm more obsessed than ever.  Now, I look at every reasonable-looking guy and imagine what I would do to him in bed. During the viewings, I spent much time imagining what it would be like to have the husband's cock in my mouth and his reaction as I gave him the best blowjob of his life (I assumed.)    With each blow job, I become more firmly convinced that a woman can never give as good a blow job as a gay guy.

More often than not, I observed marital tension between the husband and wife.  Buying a house can be highly stressful!   I wondered how many of these marriages would last.   Once the honeymoon period is over and  children are born, every study has shown that wives' interest in sex plummets.   That certainly was my experience!    I felt sorry for these young men, in the prime of their sexuality, who (I had no doubt) weren't getting the amount of sex that their bodies demanded.

I think one advantage that gay men in relationships have is that there isn't such a wide  disparity in their sex drives.... or at least, at least I hope that's the case!!


  1. Yeah that's why gay relationships have such a statistically long shelf life. Face things realisitically but don't over-romaticize the situation. Relationships still take work...all of them

  2. So true. Then again, every once and a while, you come across a wife who accepts that she doesn't want sex as much. When that happens, and she learns her husband likes guys, it isn't so bad. I am the luckiest guy on the planet!

  3. Yeah - and once in a while a woman loves to have more sex than her husband. I wonder why guys always assume woman loose their interest in sex - mine increased with age. The only hard time had been when the kids had been small and very demanding. But now - with teenagers who don't need me as much as before...well...I would love to have more of my hubby ;)

    1. I hear that once the demands (and exhaustion) of child-rearing is done, some women's sex drive increases as they reach middle age and beyond.

  4. I wonder how many of the hot young husbands realize they are missing anything. When I was their age and happily married with kids, I was getting enough sex to get by and in denial of my bi side. I may not even have noticed anyone looking at me longingly, like you were them. Plus most of them are straight, anyway, so I wouldn't feel too sorry for them.

    And I think gay guys have a variety of sex drives like everyone else. Luckily both my partner and I like it frequently.

  5. The Husbear and I are on opposite ends of the sexual spectrum. And always have been.

  6. Now that I am having regular sex, I had this idea my obsession with men would somehow diminish. Not true! In fact, I'm more obsessed than ever.

    hohoho I see you are still in touch with your inner-Tiberius !

  7. The more men I have, the more I want. With me, at least, sex doesn't alleviate desire, it sparks desire. I'm not complaining.

  8. Dr. Spo: I hope I never lose my inner-Tiberius. Will, you are inspirational!

    Erik: It's great that you two are aware of this difference and have somehow worked it out.

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