Monday, March 12, 2012

On the hunt for a 20ish guy

Not into twinks, but love his VPL.

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I woke up to find three messages, all from 20-something guys.  To be honest, I am quite sure than nothing will come of any of them, but I enjoy "the hunt" .... trying to reel in a horny young man.

I'm not responding to messages from guys in their 50s at all.  Either they're no challenge at all or, for the married, closeted ones, scheduling a hookup time is impossible.  Anyway,  I'm getting all the sex I want from my special guy who's in that age group.

1.     A  20 year old high school dropout wrote:  "hey r u free.  canu pick me up like a whore and fuck my face. rape my ass"  Charming!  I think I'll give him a pass.  For the record, my special guy got the identical message from this guy.  Needy... and a bit disturbing!

2.     A 26 year old commented yesterday on my bare-assed profile picture:  "Hot!"   I responded:  "Thank you!  So, are you available sometime?"   His response this morning:  "Yep."

It's hard to arrange a hookup with a guy who only uses one-word responses.  On the plus side, his profile says "some college" and he used capital letters and punctuation in  his message, a rarity!  He is a bit shorter than me and while height is not a big factor, I've come to prefer a shorter guy in bed.  I like to reach down and fondle his cock, balls and ass while kissing.   As I get more comfortable with gay sex, I'm discovering that I am on the "dominant" end of the scale.

3.    An "athletic" 24 year old also commented on my profile pic:  "now this is the type of message that gets my attention!"   Didn't use caps, but had good spelling and sentence structure.  (I feel like some old school m'arm, grading English lit papers)   I responded, "I'm glad. So... what do you want to do about it?"

Last week, I was thrilled to get a message from Trey, the sweet 22 year old I hooked up with last month.   

Trey looks a bit like this, except dark-skinned.
Trey:  "hi there how r u again ;)"
Me:  "I'm doing well.... I still have fond memories of the sweet time we spent together."
Trey:  me 2 :D glad u had fun and i sure did.. so much so i wanna do it again ;) lol
Me:  I would love to hook up with you again, but I have my kids with me most of this week.
Trey:  let me know when ur available.. even lil sneak aways during the day would be fun too :P

Trey and I have tried to get together a few times since, but either one of us is at work or I'm with my kids.   I am confident I will see him again and I want to, very badly.  He is the sweetest, shyest young man imaginable and has a beautiful smile.

He has other positive attributes as well.  Trey is a handsome, dark-skinned * young Aboriginal man, horny as hell, aggressive in the sack, courageous, eager to learn, my height, has a fantastic body (construction worker!  Woof!) and has a beautiful uncut cock and magnificent set of low hangers.  Perfection!

* Most unexpectedly, I seem to be developing an attraction to darker-skinned men such as Aboriginals, men from India, and those of Arabic or Hispanic descent....


  1. For some reason I seem to get a boner when I read your blog...

  2. "Most unexpectedly, I seem to be developing an attraction to darker-skinned men such as Aboriginals, men from India, and those of Arabic or Hispanic descent....." Welcome to my world. LOL

  3. Cubby: I hope that's a good thing. By the way, I expect that most of these guys who messaged won't take it to the final step. I'm finding it a challenge to get into the pants of a 20-something guy.

    RG: That's good to know! The beautiful dark skin on a naked guy seems as smooth as honey ... quite a change from us pasty-white dudes.

  4. Personally, I found your bare assed photo hotter than those younger guys. And coincidentally I AM part native ;)

    1. Thank you! You're too kind! As to your revelation about being part native; that explains why you're so hot!!

  5. I'm Mediterranean on my father's side and English on my mother's, so I'm a modified pasty-white guy. :-) Darker men are indeed extremely attractive; I think it's quite healthy that you're finding your special turn-ons relatively early in your sexual liberation.

  6. Keep in mind these chew toys are jolly good fun, but they are a treat, not the main course.

    1. Yes, I absolutely know that! For a permanent relationship, I'd only be interested someone closer to my age. But I deserve some jolly good fun, don't you think?

  7. I'm am Indian/portuguese...;) HAVE FUN BUDDY!!-James


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