Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Electric Kisses

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My special guy is the most fantastic kisser!  We kiss for hours each time we're together;  the best I've ever experienced in my life, but it's hard to explain why that he is the best.  He's also said many times that I'm the best kisser as well .... and my kisses are like electricity that go from my lips to his lips and then straight to his cock. 

I tell him that it takes two people with  an emotional connection to achieve great kissing and.  I love the responsiveness, the mutual interplay,  as we go back and forth, basic kissing, sucking each other's lips, tongue action, taking his tongue into my mouth ....... 

Scott of Straight Jock Talking 2 , posted recently about his first M2M kiss and said, "It’s NOTHING like kissing a chick."   I agree!

I described my first M2M kiss with Hottie Nurse here.  Fantastic!   Aggressive!!  I agree with Scott, it's nothing like kissing a woman.  I love the stubble or facial hair for one thing.  But it think it's the strength, the muscles, the testosterone behind a man's kiss which makes it special for me.  ..... the aggressive way a man uses his lips and tongue which women just do not do.

In my hookup experiences, I was surprised to discover that the guy's kissing skills are of primary importance to me.  I would not hook up with a guy who said in advance that he would not kiss;  sex just becomes mechanical without it.   One exception:  I'd suck the cock of a hot young guy, any time, any where, no kissing needed.

Here's a rundown of some not-so-great man kisses which I've experienced.

Trey:   was an aggressive  kisser (cigarette-scented)  but extremely slobbery, like a Labrador puppy.  The excess saliva was a bit unpleasant but when I consider the source;  what the hell, I had a muscular,, sexy, aggressive, big-cocked 22 year old in my bed... Slobber away, Trey!! 

I appreciate the skill and eagerness of the 50ish IT nerd to 'educate' me in gay sex.  He was fantastic in many aspects of gay sex but his kissing was so unpleasant that I'm not planning to meet him again.....  grey 70s stash, prickly as a wire brush, thin lips, major pucker action, no aggression or electricity generated here!

Although I had a great time with Mitch, he was the worst kisser ever.   The WORST!!!  All he did was lay back passively on the pillow, tongue sticking out full length as I tried to work around it as best I could.  No aggressive tongue or lip action at all, it was me doing it all.    Mitch is actively planning our next hookup but somehow, I will have to talk to him about his kissing technique if  'round two' is to happen. 

What makes a great kisser?


  1. I loved reading your thoughts on kissing. I believe in the importance of kissing too. I think it is the most intimate thing one person can do with another.

    I was lucky enough to be taught how to kiss when I was 14. The guy who taught me was Winston, the 48yo whom I had sex with a few times. We kissed for hours in his bed with the sunlight streaming down on us. I couldn't get enough of it.

    Nowadays I reserve my kisses for Greg only.

  2. What makes a great kisser IMHO is only when there is an emotional connection! You may not have to be love with the person, but you do have to be in the spirit of the moment. During some of my recent depressed periods I may not have the horny desire for sex, but the kisses always helped. Last Friday night was a prime example. I was extremelly depressed and my guy and I just kissed until I went to sleep. Woke up feeling very different and the love making was fantastic. Changes since then with him I have to work on. And this post makes me realize I will. Thank you.

  3. I love kissing and I love kissing T. He is just right for me. I also agree with "skier" that the connection is critical to the kissing experiance. If we were not so in love, the kissing would not be good. In fact, I would not be interested in kissing him.

  4. anne marie in phillyMarch 28, 2012 at 3:01 PM

    I second skier in that an emotional connection is necessary for a great kiss. IMHO, sometimes the kissing is better (read: more powerful) than intercourse!

    loves ya, buddybear! :-)

  5. The red headed guy with the beard in the first picture use to work for me. He was just starting his porn career then and his first name name is really Adam. He passed the interview!

    As for kissing, I think there are two categories just like with sex and they really can't be compared. The second category is love making and when you really experience it, nothing compares - it's magical, tender, passionate, memorable, forever and more. The first category is lust and it is instant, intense, chemical, reckless and temporary. When lust flames out, it doesn't break your heart and is easily replaced while love grows and radiates. Love enriches you and survives death, when it is lost love destroys.

  6. Before I decided to take the husband home that first night I asked him to kiss me first. Yes, a good kisser is that important.

  7. I remember hearing a song about this topic "it's in his kiss" or something

    1. anne marie in phillyMarch 28, 2012 at 10:55 PM

      if ya wanna know
      if he loves ya so
      it's in his kiss
      that's where it is
      oh yeah!

    2. It was the "the shoop shoop" song. First done by Betty Everett. Redone by Cher. Okay, What can I say, I'm old. LOL

  8. Thanks for all your great comments, everyone! I never before understood the importance of "real" kissing until now; it's a feeling which I (sadly) never experienced with my wife.

  9. It all begins and ends with kissing for me so I'm always interested in this subject. Fortunately, my partner's kiss still does it for me. He's quite gifted in that department.

    Lucky BosGuy

  10. Kissing is vital, essential for me in sex with a man. Sadly, many men refuse to kiss altogether or are either awkward or unskilled.

    I don't have to love the guy, but when I do sex is a far richer experience. I should say that I love many men; one with a deep and all-consuming love, with whom I'll be forever; others are what I call gay brothers-in-arms, loved for years or even decades of seeing each other though the bad times as well as the celebrations and joys of life. Kisses with them are focused strongly on each other, passionate, tongues fully engaged, bodies held close and legs entwined. Marvelous.

  11. Kissing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the last two men I was with. I think I could have just kissed all night and been happy. One of them I told him that.

  12. Good kissing is as much about lips as tongue. Good kissing is gentle and firm at the same time. Good kissing starts slow and grows intense. Good kissing is breathing each other's breath. Good kissing makes my dick as hard as a fuckin rock.

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