Monday, February 20, 2012

Flaky Twenty-Somethings

All pictures from hotyoungguys.

I have a profile on three hookup sites:, and   By far the nicest and most normal guys have been found on, probably because a full face picture is required on every profile.  Plenty of Fish has been very productive for me but I still find to be a very scary place.... too many profile pictures of cocks and assholes.

On, about half of the messages I receive are from guys in their 20s. Many of these list on their profiles "Seeking a Woman" and claim to have "no experience" with men but want to experiment or "learn together."

I still can't imagine what a hot young man (and they're all hot!) would want with a guy who is 20 to 30 years older, but I've stopped questioning this. I'd never hook up with a guy in his 70s, or even 60s.   I think the young 'uns find the idea of a mature yet inexperienced man somehow appealing and often mention my promise of "absolute discretion."

Some of these 20ish guys will start a chat with me. When asked to explain this age preference, they respond:

"I like men, not boys."

"Age is just a number."

"Don't care how old you are. U R hot."

"I'm not out so I can't hook up with anyone my age in case they know me or know someone who knows me."

While I am mainly interested in my guys my age, I still cannot resist the lure of a young man, as unreliable as they are.  Online, young men are much more eager to show their hard cocks while on a webcam chat.  I never ask to see their cocks;  they do this on their own.

Recently, a beautiful, tall, slim 22 year old and I were were webcam chatting and then he stood up and started to unbutton his jeans ("Oh my God, what is he doing??") to reveal a beautiful average-sized, rock-hard cock and a pair  of low hangers.   Wow!  He offered to show me his asshole, to which I responded, "I don't want to see it!   Ick!".  He flashed a sweet smile at that.

When asked to show my cock online, I responded, "Forget it, buddy, I'm not showing you my cock.  Trust me, I have one.  If we meet in person, you'll see it.  It's average-sized or a bit bigger, decent girth, smooth, big mushroom head...  "

Other than my sweet encounter with the 22 year old aboriginal young man, the majority of the 20ish men online have flaked out;  they either abruptly stop chatting or stop responding to messages in a conversational string which they've been pushing along.   I know it's not a question of me seeming needy or over-eager;  I feign disinterest and am minimalist in my chats with them. 

During a very enjoyable video cam chat two nights ago, the sweet, slim 22 year old mentioned above (he of the beautiful cock and low-hangers)  was aggressively seeking a hookup with me, push, push, push.   I agreed to meet him at a doughnut shop the next day at 7:00 pm.  I showed up on time, and of course, he didn't show up   I left after twenty minutes.

I was a bit surprised at this no-show since he initiated the whole arrangement so decisively, but I wasn't entirely disappointed.  I was still very tired and little sore from my other two hookups earlier in the week.   No regrets:  I truly enjoyed my webcam chat with him and it was his issue that he decided not to take it to the next step.


  1. Thanks for your honesty, Jared. Too funny! Now tell me, why you do young 'uns flirt online with older guys but then don't follow through? Because you can? You had a better offer? Just to drive us old guys crazy with lust? Does it give you a sense of power or make you feel sexy and desirable? Do tell!!

    1. Usually I end up just jacking off, and lose my drive, i find older guys tend to want more set up, as opposed to younger guys, I can usually be in the car minutes after the first message.

      Sometimes I have a better offer, yes. Somewhere in my mind I probably do it because I can and to drive you crazy with lust.

      But I do follow through more often than not, I think you like the chase though!

    2. Oh and yes it, it's a power trip knowing that no matter how means or neglect you are to someone they will forget it all if you show serious interest, just last night I exercise that power, but I promise I'm not an evil person! :3

    3. Thanks for your honesty! I remember from my 20s, it makes a guy feel sexy as hell, knowing that someone is hot for them. And when it's a guy with a hard cock, so much the better.

      I must admit, I am enjoying being a "seducer" or a "chaser" of these hot young men. But I do wish I could get more of them into my bed.

  2. "I was still very tired and little sore from my other two hookups earlier in the week."


    You get no sympathy from me.


  3. Honestly, I found pof to be full of flakes. I mean no offence to those on pof who are not flaky but I never had one satisfactory encounter out of that site. Bear411 was/is great. I met a lot of wonderful guys that I considered my friends. I didn't like Squirt or Manhunt either - same reasons as you. I didn't have a smartphone when I was single but I suspect I wouldn't like Grindr either. I met my honey on We're neither daddy types nor silverhaired (well, maybe Bill is silverish . . . lol) but I found the nicest, most genuine guys on that site. And, as they say, "the rest is history". :-)

    1. Our experiences / impressions sound very similar. In smaller towns, the usage of the various sites varies hugely. As much as I like, there are only 10 guys listed for my town on it. There are 1,200 on!

      I've been on SilverDaddies as well; the guys look great in other towns, but I've gotten only one response from it locally .... from a 19 year old!

  4. Since I myself is in my early 20s,let me start by begging you to stop asking why would someone in their 20s wants to hookup with you.I find you freakin hot even though I HAVE ONLY see your pictures in pieces,so own it rather than guessing feel some of the guys ,like one you had cam session with are in their horny phase or want to experiment they get courage to write to you but i have none to meet can be scary even though your horny if your straight or just wanna experiment.And of course you there is guys out there love toying with other and just love the teasing part(sexually) or just pure teasing.James

  5. Squirt is scary - some of the places men hook up and things they ask each other to do. There are so many cruisy places.

    There are some hawt older men... I don't flake... and am certainly not in a situation where i need to now, but either I'm interested, or I'm not. I won't lead the guy on...

  6. Being single was great but so glad I don't have to go through that anymore. Now I'm just an old married guy in slippers watching TV with the husband. Boring? Perhaps. Happy? Definitely!


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