Saturday, May 19, 2012

Half-nekkid men and their dogs

I'm finding this pic-a-day-in-May blogger challenge a bit of a... er... challenge. The problem is I want to post interesting or exciting pics but I don't always have the time or imagination for that.

As usual, my fallback is to post half-nekkid pictures of myself.  Suggestions such as this one from "Anonymous" just encourage me to follow my natural inclination in this regard. Keep the picture ideas coming!  

"Just you taking a hot nap on your couch with your ass in the air and boxers on the floor beside you (giving an illusion that you just had a hot night.)"

I particularly like this pic because my little dog joined me on the couch, perfect for Sean's Dogably Pawfect Saturday.    Two blogger challenges in one photo!  Whoot!!

One of the most surprising developments since coming out as a gay man is the discovery that I just love having sexy pictures of myself!   Although I enjoy the positive comments, I am really doing it for myself.  I think for the first time in my life, I'm feeling sexually confident in myself and in my skills between the sheets. (which are still developing)   Now, I look at nearly every man and think, "I could drive you wild, boy..."

The only problem is that taking self-timer pics is the lamest thing ever.  There's a element of ridiculouslessness about the whole thing;  setting the self-timer then having ten seconds to leap into position, hoping the pose and lighting will accidentally work out.  I've said this numerous time before, but I'd like to experience a sexy photo shoot done by a professional photographer, preferably hot and gay, who is experienced in taking sexy pics of men.

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  1. I guess asking your special friend to take some is out of the question?

  2. And at the end of the shoot the photographer would have his way with his new muse!

    No wonder all the 20 somethings want to have sex with you! And the 30's and the 40's and the 50's...

  3. You get used to the self timer thing... trust me... I have been doing it for years...hehehe... and every time it takes a lot of shots to find the one I like before I post it on my blog or other "sites"... looking good though!!

  4. Buddy Bear,OMG thats a really hot picture of you!!I think I have saidd this before in the post of your cooking pictures and I'm gonna say it again.You have a nice shaped bum.If you didnt mentioned that its your bum,I would guess it belongs to some 20 something horny guy from Tumblr.Keep working out Buddy.Its really doing wonders to your body especially your bum.

  5. Thanks Buddy!!!that ass is so kissable and mind? ;)

    Suggestion 3:Its your line "I could drive you wild, boy..." gave me this inspiration:

    Just you sitting on a bike/snowbike/bicycle/or anything available wearing a wet white shirt or singlet with your ass pointing towards the camera ;)

    1. That one might be a challenge! I'll see what I can do!

  6. Cubby: My special guy likely would be willing to take the pic. However, at this stage, I wouldn't want to ask him. I'd have a hard time answering his questions, "Why?" and "What are you going to do with the pictures? I haven't discussed with him my blog or the extent of my online life.

    Sean: Thank you! Actually, the 20-somethings are more interested in sexy flirting with me on chat lines rather than actually doing the nasty... but I'm trying, I'm trying.

    Kelly: Thank you! All your self-timer shots look great! You're a handsome, very photogenic guy.

    James: Thanks for the compliments! One correction to your statement, "Keep working out Buddy!" I am quite active but I've never worked out a day in my life.

  7. anne marie in phillyMay 19, 2012 at 5:14 PM

    (dies of teh hawtness) mos def fuckable, in my book! :)

  8. " There's a element of ridiculouslessness about the whole thing"

    I love that line.

    Like you, I have taken some "sexy" photos of myself, and find it kind of arduous. Usually I would like a nice full mast erection in my "sexy" photos, but I keep deflating while fiddeling with the camera and tripod, it's all so work-a-day and NOT sexy.

    My #3 hook up (oh so long ago) met me through a post he put up on CL, looking for someone to take some photos of him. I was so naive back then, that I actually believed it was just a guy (like you) that wanted help taking some decent naked pictures. I didn't realize that it was all just a ploy to meet dudes for sex, until the second time he tried it, saying he wanted to try some new angles, and then we never even busted out the camera.

    At work, I am often involved in taking pictures for my job. I have to direct a mini photo shoot, and so have no problem telling people how to pose or what to do, and try to get good and interesting camera angles. I can only imagine that doing this with a naked man would evolve into a similarly unsexy and almost ridiculous scenario, so I wouldn't worry about getting anyone else involved. Looks like you are doing pretty good, just doing what you are doing.

    That being said, if I ever find myself in your neck of the woods, I am going to photograph your naked ass!

    1. Hey Jack! I loved your comment and insight! Truer words were never spoken. I laughed at loud at your comment, "I keep deflating while fiddling with the camera and tripod." My experience exactly... too funny!!

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