Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This pic is of the same second-story loft shown on Sunday, but looking towards the water.   The fabric over the window was a feeble attempt to block out the morning sun.  It didn't do the job, but it looks pretty, doesn't it?

Since I can't afford custom trapezoid-shaped blinds, I'll have to invent some sort of window covering with black-out fabric.

There are several notable things about the antique bed on the right:

  1. This is "our" bed, which , my Special Guy and I have shared nearly twenty times.
  2. I now consider spindles essential to any headboard.   Where else would you hang on during various positions activities?
  3. I never imagined at this old-fashioned "three-quarter bed"  (48 inches) would have been big enough for two grown men to sleep comfortably .... and we've had several overnighters.   But spending the night in this bed spooning with my man, there seem to be all the room in the world.

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  1. Dear Buddy Bear:

    Great view, great men, great blog...
    About the windows, "bottoms up Buddy", if you're not going custom, try mounting a black out shade from the bottom, with some glue, some adjustments, and using a ship type or boat winch you can devise a pully system to pull the shade up whilst mounted at the bottom.
    Trick is to measure carefully and make a template first, and a new blade -- you get the idea.
    Good luck!
    Fuzz One
    East Hampton, NY

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  3. Ok, I cleaned up the typos:

    Fuzz one beat me to it! Bottom mounted (which may be appropriate for all aspects of this little love nest!) is the way to go. Of course, you cannot have a rigid rod (except for the "various positions activities") on the angled top edge. The shade will have to be pulled up by the top point; you'll need a loop you can secure to something like a cup hook on the window frame to secure the lower corner of the shade.

    A 48" bed is a great motivation for the two of you to maintain your boyish figures! Have fun and love and great sex in it!

  4. Or, you can go the student route until you can afford what you really want. Go to the fabric store and buy enough fabric to cut two trianges the appropriate size. Go to the stationers and get a pack of push pins. Have at it. ;-)

  5. Wow! Martha Stewart rocks! Thanks for the useful tips! It's "bottoms up" for me!


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