Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

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I was concerned that my wife would be angry / upset / bitter because our three kids spent Mother's Day with me.  It was the weekend and they all wanted to be at my waterfront home.  We had a fantastic, conflict-free time and also had grandma and grandpa (my parents) join us for dinner.

Two of the kids said that Mom knew of their Sunday plans and seemed okay with them;  they had done their "Mother's Day" stuff with her earlier in the weekend.  My son, who still doesn't want to have anything to do with her, spent part of the morning with me at my wife's house, cutting down several monstrous shrubs with his chain saw.

I'd offered to haul them away in my trailer (in three loads) and burn them at my country place since I had a burning permit.  Apparently, she saw that as my son's Mother's Day present to her, so everything is good, as far as I know, anyway.

This is the guest house at my new place:  a very exciting log building with a barn-style roof and a loft.


  1. The guest house looks like a delightful little retreat.

  2. Thanks for commenting guys! Yes, "The Barn" as we call it is pretty exciting!


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