Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kid in a gay candy shop

There were several wise and experienced comments on my last post which deserve further discussion.

Hooking up:  Several commenters suggested I slow down a bit.   It's all very time-consuming;  numerous daily phone calls / texts/ e-mails with my special guy and many hours on sites such as attempting to arrange hookups.

After living a sexless existence for the past 15 years, I am finding my new sex life exhilarating.   I'm like the kid in a candy shop wanting to sample everything which is being thrown at me. 

Discovering that so many men of all ages find me sexually desirable is intoxicating.  For the first time in my life,  I realize that I have "it."   Whatever "it" is .... the whole masculine package of vitality, sexual desirability and skill.   I've discovered a newfound power in my sexual attractiveness;  the power to say "No" to some less-desirable guy who wants to have sex with me.

Just the possibility that a 20 or 30-something hottie wants to have sex with me is addictive.  Right now, I cannot say say "No" to one of these young men, except for the few who are obviously unsavory or messed up.   I am in my full blown 'slut phase' and have no regrets or feelings  of guilt. 

But Will offered this sensible and delightful advice:   

"The boys will always be out there. Not the same ones but the joy of it is that they are an ever-renewing resource.  Like the perennials they are, they pop up every spring and will always be there waiting for you." 

Hmmm.... maybe I should slow down a bit .....

My job:    I've earned the respect, admiration even, of my colleagues on how I've conducted myself  at work in the face of some extremely stressful times.  I work for a powerful public sector union, so I won't be fired any time soon.  I have fulfilled all my contractual obligations so the meeting with my boss wasn't  disciplinary.

However, we normally find it necessary to work far harder and more proactively than the minimum to ward off complaints from the highly dysfunctional families we deal with.   In recent months, I just haven't been proactive enough in anticipating issues and I allowed some of these to fester and worsen.  Right now, I'm working very hard to stay on top of everything at work.


  1. Some folks may think blowing one random guy per week constitutes slut phase, while others may think that's a drought.

    There are plenty of people who think that unless you park yourself behind a gloryhole and suck cock for 12-16 hours a day, you're not really in a slut phase. I'm guessing at least some of your readers have done this and I'm also guessing you have at least fantasized about doing it. What horny gay man has not?

    What do you think a 'slut phase' is? And have you given much thought as to where you are going to install the gloryhole?

  2. Oh I can so relate & you go for it. my straight 20 something guy friends that hook up 2-3 a week & have numerous gals on speed dial are called "stud's", the gals they play with are called "sluts" & us horny gay guys are called "whores" - but we're all doing the same thing as the str8 guy. So I say go for it. Myself, I recently took a two week vacation to South Beach (it got extended because I was having so much fun). It was the 2 year anniversary of my coming-out and I had the time of my life. I didn't randomly hook up, because after two days I met the nicest guy (24 year old, friggin model) & we spend the next 8 days non-stop together, he takes the week off work, we booked a cruse, we hung out on South Beach, & the sex...OMG!!...more than made this 44 year old's toes curl. When the timing is right for you, book yourself a gay vacation & experience it all. THe best part was being able to walk around hand in hand, book in a hotel as a couple or book the cruse as partners. Another version of candy land.

    You enjoy this phase !! Nick, Fort Wayne, IN

  3. Like Nick, I can also relate. You didn't come this far to not explore. From reading you all this time I can't see you "overdoing" it. Maybe with the texting. I can also say that my job was in jeopardy. Not from the slut phase, but from the time leading up to my coming out. Stress was horrible. Look who I'm telling. Anyway, since then, I am constantly being told how much happier and at peace I am. Enjoy yourself.

    Oh, and Nick, if you ever want a roomie on a gay cruise, look me up. That has been a dream of mine for awhile. And for the reasons you state. Walking hand in hand. Dancing together with arms around each othe.

  4. Buddy Bear,Both the pictures are so hot!Thank you for acceptiting my suggestion dude.
    As for your Slut hase,just enjoy this phase and dont overthink about it.But when in workplace,focus only on the job.You have the nights and weekend for the hot phase.


  5. I remember how boy-crazy I was when I first came out. I think its part of what can make coming out both so exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time.

  6. Thanks for your fantastic comments, everyone. Especially Nick from Fort Wayne; what a hot story!! I will address some of the points in tomorrow's post.

  7. anne marie in phillyMay 24, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    mama mia! LOVING the view! :-)

  8. Your almost totally naked....Now I am getting curious.........Catch you later,


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