Sunday, May 20, 2012


I need someone to wash my back.  Any volunteers?
Here are two pics I took for the blogger challenge,  a pic-a-day-in-May. 

In the gay world, the word "sauna" or "bathhouse" usually refers to a sort of a gay meeting place, sex club but not a brothel.   In the past, the gay bathhouses offered a safer alternative to public sex when having gay sex was illegal.

In my journey, I think I've been quite brave in testing out new gay experiences, but so far, I haven't had a strong desire to visit a gay bathhouse such as Steamworks.   I'm still considering it but so far, I've preferred to have even a slight emotional connection with the guy I'm with.  I understand the scene at the bathhouses is strictly anonymous.
For people of Scandinavian descent (like me), "sauna" has no sexual connotation at all.  They regard it as almost a sacred place. 

I am extremely lucky to have an authentic sauna located right on the water at my new home.  The sauna is not just used to wash yourself;  it is a place for relaxation, both physical and mental, with friends and family.  In my grandparents' generation, almost all mothers in The Old Country gave birth in saunas.

Here in the Great White North, the water exists in two conditions:  frozen with ice all winter and freezing cold the rest of the time, even in summer.  We consider it essential to warm up thoroughly in the sauna before going for a swim in the frigid water.


  1. WOW!! this is even hotter than the one I suggested bro!The second one looks very hot and that ass of yours need a perfect rimming Buddy.

    So if your open to suggestions,here's the next one.Have you seen the Andrew Christian locker room underwear ad?In it the men would be giving each other wedgies(I hope you know what it is) while the other is squating or trying to pick up a fallen towel.It has humor and is extremely sexy and naughty.
    so ,Just you getting a wedgie while you were squating or picking up a fallen towel in your bathroom(best is you wear a jockstrap or tight briefs)

    1. Hey Anonymous! This has been fun! Why don't you send me an e-mail and introduce yourself? (

      I do plan to take a pic based on your previous suggestion: straddling a dirt bike, bare-assed, wearing a white wife-beater and black biker boots. (yes, I own all of those things) Unfortunately, it's been pouring rain here and not suitable for an outdoor photo shoot.

      Yes, I love the Andrew Christian uncensored videos. They seem to be getting hotter and hotter as time goes on. I'll consider your "wedgie" idea....

    2. Sorry dude,I'm still not comfortable to introduce myself.I'm still exploring my sexualty before coming out.I have added your e-mail in my contacts and will introduce myself when I'm comfortable.You can call me B.Would be great if you carry on with my previous suggestion.

  2. My typing's getting worse--here it is with no typos:
    When I built the house of my dreams that I'd started designing back in the 1980s, I planned on an indoor sauna and a shower large enough to handle eight guys, with two shower heads. That's what we've got and it's great fun. It all adjoins our bedroom with a king-sized bed.

    Your shore-line sauna sounds wonderful, like the ones I saw and enjoyed in Finland.

    1. Your sauna set-up sounds fantastic! It's giving me some ideas for my new home. I haven't yet revealed this on my blog, but I'm of 100% Finnish stock; I think it's very cool that you've been in Finland!!

    2. Buddy, I hate to point this out, but Finland is NOT Scandanavia! Sweden,Denmark and Norway are though. The finnish language is unique in the world. The only other close to it is Estonian. But since I am of Danish decent (mom born there) I confer honarary Scandanavian to you.


  3. anne marie in phillyMay 20, 2012 at 4:36 PM

    I volunteer! :)

  4. I can't tolerate more than a few minutes in a sauna, either the heat or 'sitting still' do me in quickly. So I find it hard to imagine them as places of carnality - who can stand it ?


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