Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slippery when wet

I've temporarily misplaced my self-timer camera so I made do with my cell phone for today's pic-a-day-in-May.   I'm in the bath tub, lit by a candle.

I don't remember if I mentioned this, but my wife and son had been arguing constantly for some months now.  My sympathies were with him as my wife just pisses people off all the time.  Of course, she assumes no responsibility for their conflict, even when I remind her that she's the adult in the situation.

After a screaming fight, my son moved out "permanently" and has been living with me for the past couple of weeks.   It's been great having him here and I think I serve as a excellent role model.  We are completely conflict-free and work together constantly on various projects involving carpentry, electrical wiring and welding.... his passions.  However, having a kid here all the time has seriously affected by ability to host..... 

My wife and I are having our divorce mediation tomorrow which is required of all couples in my province.  The goal is to produce our final divorce agreement.  Although we have divided up virtually everything and are in general agreement about everything else, I am extremely tense about it.

Her erratic behaviour seems to be getting worse and she is constantly forgetting items we already agreed upon (typed out by her!), reneging on agreements which we thought were settled and throwing up road blocks every step of the way.  If anything, her hatred and bitterness towards me have worsened.  Wish me luck!

How about some hot guys in the tub to help forget my troubles?  All pics from


  1. The best of luck to you! I know everything will work out well in the end, but getting there is not easy. Hang in there!

  2. Hot Buddy!!!!And if I'm not wrong,is that glimpses of 'Buddy Bear jr'.Hot!!!!

    Need anymore suggestion for your next photoshoot..i have a naughty one in my mind.


  3. WCS: Thank you for the best wishes!

    B: Actually, I'm quite certain Buddy Bear Jr. is not seen in the pic. Sorry, it might be something else showing!

    Yes, I'm open to naughty suggestions. You never know what I'd be willing to do!

    1. There is actually 2 suggestion.So here we go my male model.

      1)Do you have staircase or ladder in your home?If yes just you climbing the ladder or staircase wearing nothing but your boots with your ass pointing towards the camera.Arch your body Buddy to make the ass more pointing and it up to you whether you want show some balls while doing that

      2)I dont think you would do this but I'm gonna give a try.Its up to you whether want to do it or not my male model.Have you seen pictures of male model wearing nothing but a wet white long t-shirt or a long singlet.So just you wearing nothing in the bathroom but your wet white singlet(frontal view) pulling the singlet down to cover your cock and balls.But since its a white wet shirt,there would be cock outline ior bulge outline.

      So there you go my male model.


  4. Sorry the soon to be ex is being difficult. At least it is close to the end of the journey for you. I have to say, I'm glad you are doing well. As for "what I'd be willing" to do. Lets just say, I am intrigued. LOL

  5. anne marie in phillyMay 28, 2012 at 3:22 AM

    {{{{{hugs}}}}} for buddybear as he tries to complete the divorce journey.

  6. Checking out POF, pretty humorous. Also sent you an e-mail.

    +++ Chip


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