Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Freeballing II

Photo-a-day-in-May Blogger Challenge. Here are some lichens, mosses and sedum growing on a sheet of bare rock in my front yard.  The sedum will be blooming soon.

My most viewed post, Freeballing, has had 10,476 page views.  I think it behooves me to post some fresh freeballing pics.    I think there's nothing hotter than see a young guy's cock outlined in track pants or shorts.  It's a pretty common sighting... I see a lot of 'em in my line of work.    

Longer cocks will flop while shorter ones jiggle. I find each equally appealing.  It's the movement of the cock which is the important part to me;  so much the better if a guy is running.

I also enjoy seeing jiggling cocks of older men as well, but only if they are relatively fit.  A belly hanging over the bulge spoils the effect!

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