Thursday, May 17, 2012

International Day against Homophobia

Pride flag at my kids' school.
 Today is International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, celebrated in 90+ countries.  There are numerous "anti-gay bullying" days in the world so I sometimes get them confused.

My kids' school is flying the Pride flag for the entire week along with the Canadian flag.   The students in the school's GSA have been working hard all week with daily announcements and events.  The GSA kids are just so committed to the GLBTQ cause, so self-confident and knowledgeable!  It gives me hope for the future!

The Pride flag is flying this week at every high school in our school district.  Our town is a smallish city, very remote and mainly blue-collar, yet the regular appearance of Pride flags does not (as far as I know) raise any eyebrows or generate any complaints.   Can anyone even imagine a Pride flag flying outside an American high school?   What about those other countries where LGBTQ folks are killed for being who they are?

I'm very proud of being Canadian.   We're so lucky here!

It is also "dress in pink" day at the school.  These guys would have fit right in.


  1. Just as soon as the last of the glaciers melt, Greg and I are moving to Canada. Can we have your spare room?

  2. I just found your blog this morning. I am impressed. I am totally out and have always been, but I find you blog very interesting.

  3. "Can anyone even imagine a Pride flag flying outside an American high school?"

    Yes, I definitely can. Plenty of American high schools have Gay-Straight Alliances and other anti-bigotry groups.

    Don't be so such a smug anti-American bigot. It's pretty pitiful when you think the best thing to say about your country is that you aren't the U.S.

    1. Naturegesetz: Wow! You sound pretty bitter!! Before you get your panties in a bunch, I'd like to add a few points:

      1. Whether you admit it or not, Canada IS the world's leading nation in LGBTQ rights and acceptance. It is far, far ahead of the USA. Reputable commentators believe that the USA will not catch up to Canada for another twenty years or more regarding LGBTQ rights.

      I've consistently provided factual examples of Canada's LGBTQ achievements throughout my blogging history. I've also given plenty of examples where Canada needs to improve.

      2. I wasn't talking about GSAs in American schools. I know some schools have them. I was talking about flying the Pride flag at a publicly-funded high school.

      I'd like my American readers to offer their opinion. Has there ever been a Pride flag flying beside the Stars and Stripes at an American high school? I still can't imagine that occurring.

      3. Please don't call me a bigot; you don't know me at all. Maybe it's my Canadian politeness coming out, but I feel such rudeness is unnecessary.

    2. 1. Whether or not Canada "is the world's leading nation in LGBTQ rights and acceptance," has nothing to do with your broad-brush smear on the U.S.

      2. "I'd like my American readers to offer their opinion. Has there ever been a Pride flag flying beside the Stars and Stripes at an American high school?" It isn't a matter of opinion. It's a matter of fact. Someone who knows for a fact what has happened at every American high school could tell you. Maybe one of the small percentage of Americans who read this blog (no insult, merely a fact) knows personally of a school where the flag has flown. But if not, it proves absolutely nothing.

      "I still can't imagine that occurring." The very fact that you can't imagine it proves your anti-American prejudice.

      3. I shouldn't have called you a bigot, what you have demonstrated in the post and this reply is merely prejudice, not bigotry. I apologize for the rudeness of calling you a bigot. I was overly upset at the anti-Americanism I saw in your slur on my country. You shouldn't have to go about making up unfavorable things about other countries in order to say good things about your own.

      @anne marie — I don't think I was "hating on buddybear", just very shocked and angry at what he said about us without any need or justification.

    3. Let me put it this way. You say you are aware that there are GSA's and the like at some schools here in the States. It seems to me that the fact of their existence should make it at least imaginable that at one or more such schools there would be a pride flag displayed.

      I found your professed inability to imagine that there is one such flag at any U.S. high school so over the top (and insulting) as to demand a response.

  4. Cubby: You are Greg are welcome anytime! You can be my sexy gay houseboy in lieu of paying rent. My only requirement is that you do the housework in a red Speedo or mesh thong.

    Queer Heaven: Thank you! Love your blog as well; I've added it to my blogroll.

  5. anne marie in phillyMay 17, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    OMFG, the pearl-clutchers down here would have apoplexy if a pride flag EVER appeared at a high school!

    and "naturegesetz", I am born and bred philadelphian (and a str8 girl), but I know how it sucks to be gay in this country. the USA needs to take some lessons from canada in opening our minds and hearts. and YOU need to stop hating on buddybear, you big bully.

    1. You go, girl! Smooches! Love ya, anne marie!

  6. I'm with Anne Marie on this one..except I'm in South Carolina. I have never seen a pride flag flying on any school or public building, and would never expect to. In my neck of the woods, it probably wouldn't be safe to fly one on one's home, unless it was down a long driveway or back in the woods where nobody could see it. Canada is way ahead of my part of the US. I have never even heard of any gay student groups around here, except at universities.

  7. As an "old" guy, I remember moving to the american south in 1969. Coming from Southern California, it was amazing. In my mind, Buddy is analogous to the way I felt then. It isn't perfect now, but it IS so much better race wise here in the south. I think it is similiar with LGBT issues. Having just come out myself, I have to say that while we don't have quite the progress PUBLICLY it is very far along privately. And that is more important since that will lead to more public rather than the other way around in this issue. I have yet to have negative attitudes. And I DO live in the south. Very positive from my long time friends, including one who is a card carrying evangelical. For historical perspective, back in about 2000 a gay burst into the local gay bar and shot several people. One died. I remember the comments and such at the time. Now when I tell people I live near the place, they always express disgust at the shooting. Yes, we have a ways to go. But we are a large diverse country. It may take longer, but I'm okay with that. Direction is the important thing. Not where you are at any one point. Progress in Canada COULD slow. My advice: Don't compare, continue to push the good in both places.

  8. You all have the best combination of a socialist country and a constitutional Monarchy. A very sensible combination indeed. And there is Tim Horton's where you can get a decent cup of tea.


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