Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Here is a quick submission for the pic-a-day-for-May blogger challenge as I get ready for work.  After a three-day weekend, it's  back to work and I'm not looking forward to it.  Normally, I love my job but I've been off my game in recent months which resulted in me being "spoken to" by the boss late last week.

He was very supportive but in the end, the job must get done and if I can't cope with it all, then a paid  stress leave is available from my employer.  The problem is, I don't know if I get things back on track that quickly.   This situation is causing me more angst right now than the divorce, even with the prospect of our mediation session which is happening next week.

My stressors and distractions have included my the divorce drama , selling the house, moving tons of stuff, unpacking, having the kids living with me more and the demands of parenting.  Quite a bit of my time has been spent in an extremely pleasant manner, with my special guy "in the flesh", or texting, messaging or on the telephone.  As well, I am still on the hookup sites a great deal, such as bear411 and POF, "on the hunt" for that elusive 20-something guy.

It's all just too much.

Today's pics come from bootedcowboys.tumblr.com/ .   I think there's nothing sexier than a guy in boots... including myself.  I'm feel my sexiest when I'm wearing them.  The higher heel forces you to tuck your butt in and thrust your pelvis out and changes your walk to a sort of a swagger.   Sexy!


  1. You keep lifting your legs, but you do it half-heartedly. I want to see a pic of you with your ankles behind your ears.

    1. Amazingly, I have been in that position, or at least, with my ankles around my special guy's shoulders. I never thought I'd be so flexible.

  2. Buddy Bear this look hot.Just a thought,you should instead try the second pose of the other three pictures.Anyhow,still you look hot


  3. Your job pays the bills... I'd stop looking for a guy and start paying attention more at work!

  4. But now you've sold the house and moved the stuff. Things should be getting less stressful. I agree with anonymous. It seems that you've gone to extremes in indulging your sexual appetite. Now that you have your guy, could you cut out the hookup sites and maybe even scale back the texting, messaging, and phoning if it's during work hours, so that you can get your head back into your job.

    The problem I see with the stress leave is that it just gives you more time for the hookup sites and the messaging, which takes you farther from the job.

    But maybe I'm all wet about this. All I know is what you've posted, and I've probably forgotten a fair amount of that. So I don't really know what your situation feels like right now. But the talking-to from your boss has to be some sort of wake up call. Here's hoping you can get back on track real soon.

  5. You've run the gauntlet and I'm sure you're a little bit to a fair amount exhausted. If I may be so presumptuous, it's time to take the pressure you're putting on yourself off yourself. Take a deep breath and prioritize.

    Focus on those things that relieve stress and feed your soul (sex with special guy, family, devoting enough time to your profession to confirm your competence and reliability) and shelve the stress makers (OMG, that one says he has two tongues; look at the ass on THAT one!) until things have settled down and smoothed out.

    A not very well-kept secret is that the boys will always be out there. Not the same ones but the joy of it is that they are an ever-renewing resource. Like the perennials they are, they pop up every spring and will always be there waiting for you.

    Take care of yourself.

  6. Anonymous, Naturegesetz and Will: thanks for your concern about my job and the excellent advice about pursuing the young 'uns. I will address these points more thoroughly in Wednesday's post.

  7. anne marie in phillyMay 22, 2012 at 4:31 PM

    {{{{{hugs}}}}} cause that's all I can offer.

  8. you realize this is going to make me play copy cat and throw on some boots for my pic later.... nice....


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