Sunday, May 13, 2012

Chatting with the 20-somethings

In the past week, I've been messaged by six or more young 'uns (20s) but no men in their 40s and 50s. I really am looking for someone in my age range (my profile says so!), although there's a whiff of "Methinks he doth protest too loudly!" in that statement.   Here's a sampling of a few of them:

A "bored university student" messaged me: 
 im not really "out" but i recently started experimenting and find myself to be more of a "bttm" so i preferably would be looking for a top. You into younger guys?

His profile said, of course, "seeking a woman" yet we exchanged messages off and on for a couple of days, all sexual in nature and all pushed along by him.  On Day 3, my message to him was blocked as he'd changed his message settings, "accepting messages from women only."  That was the end of that!  Another 20-something flake!

A hung, 26 year old baseball-playing guy with an "athletic body type was seeking his first (he claimed) blowjob from a man.   He claimed to be straight and said he had a girlfriend, but this begs the question:  How many straight young men spend their Saturday nights cruising middle-aged gay guys on hookup sites?   I seriously considered his proposition but (1)  he couldn't host, (2) it was 11:00 pm, past my bedtime and (3) I had some of my kids at home with me.  Still, I was tempted....

A 23 year old Hispanic dude and I have been exchanging messages for several days.
He wrote:so what if you came n picked me up tonight wed spend the night together n u drive me home for 11am? or u cant do that tonight or w,e?    He was fairly handsome but a bit chubby in his profile pic.  He seemed a very sweet young man based on our conversation.  I'm considering him ....

And the sweetest message of all came from "Trey", the 22 year old sweet, shy, hunky Aboriginal construction worker and gay virgin I hooked up with in February.  Trey hadn't been online for three months but messaged to apologize for not contacting me.  Such good manners!  He's been out of town dealing with family issues but really wants to get together with me again as soon as possible.   Ka-ching!!!

For Jim's A pic-day-in-May challenge,:  we burned mountains of brush and scrap lumber in an effort to clean up the yard.  We wanted to get this done before the northern forest fire season begins, at which point all such burning is banned.


  1. Does your camera take vids? I'd like to see your cool house and yard.

  2. Yes, I'll be posting plenty of indoor and outdoors pictures of my place as we go along. Right now, the place looks pretty messy as my "stuff" is piled everywhere.

  3. all those youngsters? ! I agree they may be fun and a fling but if you are wanting to settle down you will do better with someone your age.

    1. You are correct! But I'm not yet divorced and fresh on the market. Maybe some "fun and a fling" is just what I need right now. Anyway, my 'special guy' is 55 years old and most definitely the "settling down" kind of guy, should we be inclined to do so one of these years.

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