Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lard Arse

Here's another pic-a-day-in-May submission.

I need to haul my lard arse out of bed ASAP so my son and I aren't late for school / work.  I'm in this incredibly comfortable bed with my little dog and wishing it was my special guy.

In recent weeks, I've noticed a huge increase in the number of young 20ish men with new profiles on POF, likely university students home for the summer break.  I never message the young 'uns;  I wait for them to message me and lots of them have.

There are a great many of them who seem eager to arrange a hookup with an old fart like me.  I love the aggression of these young gay men, their confidence and how they seem so comfortable in their gayness.  They are just so "out there", with full face pics on their profiles and using the new technologies to seek pleasurable, NSA encounters.

It  broke my heart to had to turn down a sexy 21-year old late last night who was horny as hell and wanted to be with me so badly.... my reasons  (1)  11:00 pm is past my bedtime  (2)  There was a wicked thunder storm with sheets of rain and much wind going on, (3) I would have had to drive 25 minutes one way to pick him up and (3) my son was with me, but sleeping in another building on the property.   These young 'uns don't usually have a car and they can rarely host.

My special guy and I often discuss how our lives would have been different had we been emerging gay men in our 20s right now, rather than in the late 70s or early 80s when were were actually that age.   Who knows what our lives would have looked like?    I tell him that we most likely would not have had seven children between us (four for him, three for me) and grandchildren.  We can't change history!   

Note:  My special guy became a grandfather for the second time last night, so he phoned me early with the exciting news.  Sweet!


  1. Hey wait a minute... do I see your left nut taking a peek from under the covers?

    1. As you well know, Cubby, I only have one nut, my right one. I tried zooming up the picture; I think it might be Mr. Winkie making an appearance.

    2. Damn, I keep forgetting about your one good nut. You and Kelly need to get together and compare.

  2. WOW Buddy Bear,loving the glimpses of your balls in the picture.A confident guy is extremely sexy!!And you showcasing your confident through the pictures is HOT!!

    So here is the next suggestion for your next photoshoot:

    Just you wearing nothing in a tub filled with water,face facing the tub and just your ass up in the air submerged from the water while most your boddy including the legs are in the cloudy water.It gives an illusion of 'Take me!'Almost like Angelina Jolie in Wanted .

    1. Hmmm.... I'll think about this one. I'm as keen on this suggestion! Maybe.

      Apart from that, thank you for the nice compliment!

  3. Hey Buddy Bear: A few observations.....

    *Your slut phase -- have fun with it, and just play safe. I had my slut phase in my 30s, am now 50, and would like to have another slut phase !!

    *I joined POF because of you -- we will see what happens. Posted general 'G' pics....

    *Do you want to share your POF name?



  4. Hey Chipper,
    1. Thanks for the supportive comment about slut phases! You've inspired me to continue!

    2. I find POF by far the best site in my town, but I hear it might not be so popular in other regions.

    3. Sorry, I don't want to share my POF profile name with you as it also identifies my small town. I don't actually know anything about you, do I?

  5. You do....I've commented on your blog. I live in New England. Tell me your email and I will send u my POF name. No worries --

    1. Sorry.... I just didn't recall hearing the nickname "chipper" before. My email is:

    2. Usually I sign my name as "Chip".....

  6. Well, if you want to, you can throw some of these 'chew toys' my way if you wish. Sort of like referring a colleague.

  7. "My special guy and I often discuss how our lives would have been different had we been emerging gay men in our 20s right now, rather than in the late 70s or early 80s when were were actually that age."

    I also would have been in my early 20's in the late '80's and around '90. What I know for a fact is that many of my more sexually active classmates are dead. Savor what you have now. I'm guessing that you and your special guy wouldn't trade your children and, in his case grandchildren, for anything. Accept the fact that it worked out perfectly for each of you as it happened and then get on with the business at hand, for time is a wasting!

    PS Would you really want to go back to the time of polyester and disco?

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