Monday, December 24, 2012

Real speedo men

Last night was our coldest night of the year so far ....   -21 C.  I love the Canadian winter!  But at the start of winter, these cold temperatures are hard to get used to.   "Brisk", as we like to say.

So.... here are some pics of hot guys from to warm us up.  These days, I rarely see Speedos in real life but it would be fantastic to go to a place where I could... Rio or the Costa del Sol in Spain, for example.

 I had not seen my Special Guy for around seven months and we've had no online communication for five months but we ran into each other yesterday in a busy store.  Very unexpected.

Although I have never properly blogged about my Special Guy (but I will, one day), I can say that we had an intense relationship for about five months earlier this year.... and that I had strong feelings of love / infatuation / lust for him.  I know the feeling was mutual but we were living in a fantasy world .... because he's married with four adult children.

But I I regret seeing him  yesterday.  I'd convinced myself that I'd gotten over him, but now, I'm not so sure.  There he was, looking more handsome than ever.   We locked eyes (his are piercing blue) for the 15 seconds of our encounter.

Special Guy, spotting me first:  "Hi!", with a smile but apprehensively.  In July, I told him I wanted no contact with him at all and he's respected my wishes.
Buddy Bear:  "Wow!"
Special Guy and BB, simultaneously:  "You look good!"
SG:  "How are you?
Just then, I spotted his wife* bearing down on us with a sour look on her face, so I said "Making progress!" as I quickly walked away without looking back. 

If he had been forced to introduce us, it would have been as awkward as hell.  The looks on our faces would probably have betrayed what we were thinking.

* I'll sound like some bitchy old queen, but my gosh, Special Guy's wife was so deeply unattractive.  Pear-shaped and hefty, she had mousy brown hair with a really butch haircut.  There wasn't a speck of femininity or even effort made in her appearance.   Special guy is handsome, well groomed and an immaculate dresser;  she looked like some big, brown wren.

I wonder if that's what happens to a woman who has been married to a man for 35 years who likes other men.   It wouldn't matter if she dressed up or not, he still would have no interest in her.  In the end, I felt deeply sorry for them both.


I had a fantastic day yesterday with my three kids (20. 18, 16) at my house with my parents.  It was my 18 year old's birthday and I hadn't seen her since September since she'd been away at university.  Our first conversation went like this, with her two siblings listening in:

Daughter:  "Guess what, Dad?  I have a boyfriend at school.  A brown boyfriend."  ... she said mockingly.
BB:  "Great!  So you finally dumped whats-is-name!" referring to her grade 12 boyfriend who I didn't think was good for her.  "What sort of brown?"
Daughter:  "His family's from India."
BB:  "I think Indian men are hot."
Daughter:  "Oh, Dad!"  rolling her eyes.  "So, tell me about your man-friend."
BB:  "No!"
Daughter: "Oh, come on!!!  What's he like?"   She was relentless in her teasing.
BB:  "I'M NOT DISCUSSING THIS WITH YOU.  Anyway, there is no man-friend."
Daughter:  "Too bad!"


  1. I'm with you Buddy, I think Indian men are smoking HOT!

  2. these guys would fill out my stocking nicely! :)

  3. A very Happy Christmas and a great 2013 ti you! Your courage and honesty have been a special discovery this year and your development a joy to watch. Hugs and all my best to you as the journey continues!

    Oh, I frequently see couples out shopping made up of a guy who is to die for and a woman who looks like she never had a lesson in grooming or how to dress or how to maintain a reasonable figure, and doesn't give a damn about learning. I always stifle the urge to go over and offer the husband my sincere sympathy -- and my services!

    1. Thank you Will, for all your best wishes and experienced advice throughout the past year. Your support represents to me all the best things which can result from blogging.

      Offer him your "services" indeed! LOL!! Yes, nearly every time I go out, I see the combination of a hottie husband with a fat unattractive, ill-groomed wife. Sometimes, I think that Hottie Dude is actually with his mother but that's seldom the case.

      I know it's terribly unfair to say this because the wife probably lost her figure squeezing out several kids. But everyone should care enough about themselves to make at least some effort to present themselves at their best.

  4. The brown comment made me think of a My Name is Earl quote I just shared on my blog. "You only like her because she's the color of pancakes!"

    Very sensitive comment about the wife's look; could this be what happens to women married for decades to gay men. I think there's probably a lot of truth in that.

    1. Thanks for commenting! It might have been a very "insensitive" comment, I fear. These women probably let themselves go after years of being in a loveless, sexless marriage.

      She didn't plan to marry a gay man who didn't really desire her as much as she deserved. My wife says she has sworn off men forever .... and I believe her.

    2. I really do not think it's insensitive at all. I can imagine anyone could blame themselves, or give up caring, and let themselves go in a situation like that. Instead of just saying something mean about her looks, you offered insight as to why this has happened. No matter how you slice it, that's sensitive of you.

      I am so curious to hear more about this guy since he means so much to me.

  5. In fat, the male/female couples I'm referring to are heterosexual, and frequently have young children with them. They generally seem quite happy, but she's gone to seed while he's totally f**kable, often a real stunner.

    1. I agree completely with you! That is exactly what I observe all the time. I think a young (30ish) guy with children is the sexiest man of all.

      And it seems so unfair to their wives, but as these men mature a bit, get laugh lines etc, they just seem to get more and more attractive.

  6. I meant "In fact" but "in fat" is bizarrely appropriate to this discussion. :-)

  7. I am stopping by to wish you a happy christmas and to say how grateful I am to have you as a blogger buddy. I hope 2013 is your most fab year so far !!

    1. Thanks Dr. Spo! Yes, I value your online friendship very much. It is a #1 priority of mine to meet you and I will make it happen ASAP.

      Sadly, my teaching schedule (and cash flow situation) will not allow me to join the blogger meet-up in March in Delaware. It is simply impossible. But, truth be told, I'd much prefer a a visit where I could have you and Someone in conversation all to myself and not have to 'share' you with all and sundry.

  8. Like Spo, I'm stopping by to say Merry Merry and to wish you a relaxing holiday week.


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